kadavulin kovil

Mayanginen Thayanginen

This is a nice attempt by Kannan at an album that fits the bill for a love story. Except for that Gaana song by china ponnu, all the other numbers have a melody base. But lover of slow, melodious songs will not get disappointed with this album. He has chosen the right mix of instruments for the particular song and also made no mistake in the selection of the singers as well. Swetha and chinna ponnu have done a splendid job with the songs given to them. Vijay and Sathya too excel and Haricharan does a decent job with the song. My guess is that he would have come out better had he been given some other song than a love failure, sad song. He still doesn’t fail to induce you into the sad mood of the song. The only singer who failed to justice to the song was Thilaka. Thankfully the short duration of the song would be a respite to the listeners. The lyrics department also does a very good job. Special mention goes to Ilaya kamban for his encouraging lyrics which was brought to life by Swetha. Kannan has failed to experiment with something new and different and that is where he looses a bit. He also needs to move out of his comfort zone of melody and experiment with other type of songs as well. But despite everything, Kannan,Sathya and Swetha are 3 people who need to be given more opportunities to come up.