This is decent attempt by Mantra Anand. The songs are interesting to hear but the only drawback is that he has not tried out new things here and not tried to innovate. Most of the songs appear run of the mill type. The lyrics are interesting and catchy and capture the youth like a magnet especially in songs like Disco, Om Shanthi, and Latak Matak. Mantra has given us a mixture of different genres. Be it a party song or a fast pace number for the college crowd, a melody number or even a gaana number for the front row people to dance in merry. So there is surely at least one number that is tailor for your music taste. The choice of singers has also been a good enough job with all the singers doing justice to their respective songs. Commendable is Neha’s voice in Latak Matak which is so fresh and is able to bring out the mood of the song so well and equal credit goes to Revanth. The remix versions are okayish job although the remix of Om shanthi shows lots of effort from the DJ. Mantra fails in some songs to add variety in pace and in tunes. This makes those songs duller and boring after the initial stages. But this is surely one talent the film industry needs to recognise and give more opportunities to.