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Abhijit Vaghani


Not sometime back when i had written the review for 'Mausam' I had expressed how elated I was to hear a set of songs free from the influence of the western music and remixes untill 'Mallo Malli' ofcourse. I'm not against improvisation but these music directors have got to understand that few songs don't go well with the fusion of techno or english influence. Imbibing each and every song with electric guitars and techno voices just shows the desperation. Bollywood has to start contemplating on the issue as to why is writting a flawless hindi song a matter of rareity? Vishal-Shekar have always been held high in my opinion but they too have to stop following the herd. Their past albums are still worth talking about and this one will be too as its one of a kind in lot many ways ,but there are a few unpleasant aspects for example too many remixes for its own good and 15 soundtracks, thats like 'whoa man whats ur point'? The album's main focus is fusion and contemporary music with techno assist almost everywhere, i guess it has to be excused given the theme of the movie which is about a Humanoid turning into a superhero. The only respite is though there is an ephemeral quantity of Hindi lyrics they have been penned down by the brightest lyricists of the present and have such depth to it. Also few artists like Shafqat Amanat Ali, Clinton Crejo & Hamsika Iyer other than 'Akon add to the reasons to listen to this album.