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A Thousand Suns

A Thousand Suns – Linkin Park

After listening to the album some may argue that it is good that they are evolving their sound to fit today’s standards. But to me, Linkin Park lost what actually was along the way.All in all, A Thousand Suns is a dramatic and welcome turnaround in fortune for a band that were destined for obscurity after getting it so badly, badly wrong on their last record. Granted, they’ve always maintained a steady level of popularity, but in musical terms they had become a non-entity.Significantly better than previous album, Minutes to Midnight, if you are a fan of Linkin Park, you should not hesitate to pick up a copy of this album. Give it some time and listen to it a few times, and you will come to respect, appreciate, and admire it for what it is - a good album by a great band.