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Cast : Paresh Rawal, Tena Desae, Rajeev Khandelwal

Music : Amar Mohile

Editing : Devendra Murudeshwar

Cinematography :  Ravi Walia

Direction : Aditya Datt


        Track Name     Singers    Rating
O Sajna Puja Thaker ★★★½☆
Man Mera Gajendra Verma ★★★☆☆
If You Lie You Die Neeraj Sridhar ★★½☆☆
O Sajna (Remix) Puja Thaker ★★½☆☆
Man Mera (Remix) Gajendra Verma ★★½☆☆

 Album Analysis :

1. O Sajna

Singers : Puja Thaker

“O Sajna” starts with a soothing tune having English lyrics followed by the Hindi ones. The tune is strikingly familiar along the lines of tunes from movies like Jism, Raaz, Murder. The lyrics are very audible & the vocals do a neat job. The chorus and humming portions are haunting. Potential hit number !

2. Man Mera

Singers : Gajendra Verma

A short, fast number. The song starts with a piano prelude followed by Gajendra Verma’s vocals dominating the proceedings. The song is quite simple without any complex arrangements. There are no interludes. Might be used in promos !

3. If You Lie You Die

Singers : Neeraj Sridhar

This is typical bollywood – fast paced number with disco beats and synthesizers. This song has vocals by Neeraj Sridhar with Paresh Rawal chipping in with dialogues. The song depicts the scenario of the movie. ”If you lie, you die” is also the caption of the movie. There is nothing new in experimental point of view. Don’t think it will feature in the movie though !

Remixes :

There is nothing exceptional in the remixes. They are made in typical fashion to be played in clubs, discos. The remixes are relatively shorter in duration than contemporary remixes. For a remix, both O Sajna & Man Mera seem very slow. The listeners can’t make out much difference between the original and the remix.

“Table No. 21” touted to be a thriller,  has a short soundtrack. There isn’t much variety among the songs but the “O Sajna” song has the makings of a hit number. The songs mostly won’t find a place in the movie, going by the promos.

Picks of the album : O Sajna, Man Mera

Album Verdict : Watch out for “O Sajna” !

Album ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆