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Cast: Nikhil, Swati, Ravi Babu, Pooja Ramachandran, Jeeva, Praveen, Raja Ravindra

Music: Sunny MR

Story: Sudhir Varma

Editing: SR Shekar

Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya

Cinematography: Richard Prasad

Direction: Sudhir Varma

The name itself suggests a comedy twist to the story. The story of the movie is about the consequences of the theft of a Ganesh idol. This is the first time that Nikhil and Swati are paired in a movie. The movie is shot extensively across the four south Indian states. Nikhil plays the role of a pickpocket in this movie. Nikhil and Swati have not only sung a retro song in the movie but also anchored the audio release function that was graced by Nani, Sunil, Allari Naresh and Manchu Manoj. The album features six songs. Would the songs be as inviting as the movie’s title? Let’s find out.

Track Name



Life Ante-Yarro Marro

Shefali Alvares


Yo Yo Yo Memu Antha

Nikhil, Swati


Krishnudi Varasulantha

Ajith Singh


Adi Enti Okkasari-Nee La Yevaru

Ajith Singh


Edu Vadu Evado Ledu

Ajith Singh


Swamy Ra Ra-Reload




Album Analysis:

1. Life Ante-Yarro Marro

Singers: Shefali Alvares

This one wins with Shefali’s youthful voice and Krishna Chaitanya’s words. The words connect with the audience and Shefali does no mistake in bringing the words to life even while there are very minimal instrumentals in use.

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Although there are only a few instruments in use, Sunny has made the optimum use of them and has used the right instrument at the right time. Good experiment here! The only flip side is the lack of instrumentals that could have made the song a more interesting soup.

2. Yo Yo Yo Memu Antha

Singers: Nikhil, Swati

The sounds add a funny twist to the song coupled with the words. The words are interesting to listen to and enthrall the listener. Nikhil and Swati do a good job in bringing the words to life and in connecting with pomp and energy with the audience. The choice of sounds is apt and commendable.

3. Krishnudi Varasulantha

Singers: Ajith Singh

The song starts off with a different start and pulls you into the spiral of curiosity. Although Ajith Singh does a decent job, he could have induced a bit more energy into his voice. Again, the lyrics by Krishna Chiatanya are informal, cool and interesting to listen to. Sunny’s tune is simple and catchy. This is apparently the title track and would surely stay in people’s hearts for long.

4. Adi Enti Okkasari-Nee La Yevaru

Singers: Ajith Singh

Ajith’s voice is modulated splendidly and is melodious to listen to. The tune is simple but peppy and interesting. The song gives an out-of-the-world feeling. The words are again simple and attractive. Even though the instrumentals in use are minimal, credit goes to Sunny for making the song interesting with the minimal of resources and it is Ajith’s voice that does wonders here.

5. Edu Vadu Evado Ledu

Singers: Ajith Singh

The depth in Ajith’s voice is astounding. You are left amazed if this is the same voice that rendered the silky smooth tune in the previous song. The song has shades of rock and has some heavy guitar and drum work. You can listen to it once.

6. Swamy Ra Ra-Reload

Singers: Sunny

This is a remixed version of the previous song again with some electronics and mixing added in. I must say, the song seems more interesting than the previous version mainly because the background instrumentals are more captivating and engaging.

Overall Analysis:

This is a splendid work by Sunny that is different and unlike anything heard before. He deserves ovation for experimentation and some bit of innovation too in the music. Nikhil and Swati entertain with their energetic voice. Ajith does magic with his voice varying according to what the song deserves. Krishna Chaitanya shines with his lyrics that are engaging and captivating to say the least. Kudos to Sunny for creating magic with simple tunes and minimum resources- be it the instruments in use or the number of singers roped in for the album. Credit to Sunny also for roping in and giving an opportunity to lesser known singers. This could well turn out to be one of the best musical works of this year.

Picks of the Album: Yo Yo Yo Memu Antha, Adi Enti Okkasari-Nee La Yevaru, Swamy Ra Ra-Reload.

Album Verdict: A fresh waft of cool music! Experimental Magic with simplicity!

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆