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Music Band: Time & Energy

Music Album: Strange Kind of Focus

Record Label: Self-released

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Hot Air Time & Energy ★★★★☆
Thought Forms Time & Energy ★★★★½
Tree Salad Time & Energy ★★★★☆
Breakdown Time & Energy ★★★★☆
Split Clean Time & Energy ★★★★☆
DaDaDa Time & Energy ★★★★☆
Sitting on a Scale Time & Energy ★★★½☆
O’Molly Time & Energy ★★★★½
Think it Through Time & Energy ★★★★☆
Acid Jam Time & Energy ★★★★½

1. Hot Air

What an intriguing start to the album. Time & Energy may be experimental, but they have a very good sense of rhythm and consistency, keeping the beat going throughout the chaos and vocal outbursts. Vocalist Jorge Rios’s vocals are melodic and engaging.

 2. Thought Forms

Funky and Red Hot Chili Peppers inspired, this track is catchier than the album opener. While it’s not mainstream enough to be a single, it definitely has the hooks to catch on amongst indie music blogs. You can hear a lot of Battles influence here, and that’s a good thing.

 3. Tree Salad

Dark keys and distorted bass surge ahead in another fascinating groove. Vocals are reminiscent of Thom Yorke. Time & Energy are one of the few indie acts who can pull off the Radiohead thing.

 4. Breakdown

Folk/Americana inspiration show themselves in “Breakdown”. This definitely adds dynamic to the release and shows the band’s range. Beautiful track.

 5. Split Clean

Dueling horns and strange vocal lines make this an addictive listen.

 6. DaDaDa

Upbeat and almost frantic, this is Battles meets the Mars Volta.

 7. Sitting on a Scale

Warm keys and sad guitars allow the vocals to connect with the listener.

 8. O’Molly

Attitude on the vocals similar to Ween or Tom Waits. It’s a fantastic addition, and another good direction for the band. I could see them doing a rock release like this. Jack White eat your heart out!

 9. Think it Through

Strange piano’s and shakers blend for a psychedelic, jazzy melody.

 10. Acid Jam

Musical freedom. Dissonance and melody meet in just the right places.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Time & Energy succeed in endless ways with “Strange Kind of Focus”, to the point that they are bound to garner a lot of attention in 2012/2013. They not only respectfully blend Radiohead, Battles, Miles Davis and the Dead Weather influences. They do it WELL. VERY well. They also experiment musically while maintaining an extremely catchy sound. This collection of songs is genuinely interesting and fun, and nothing stands out as pretentious or out of place.

Check out Time & Energy’s websites at:  www.timeandenergyband.com and www.facebook.com/timeandenergy.