by Laurena Marrone of Grit PR & Promotion

When this book first came out I was skeptical, having read so many books about the music industry and how to market yourself over the years.  Most of the books were a waste of time and money, and didn’t really tell me anything that I didn’t already know.

When “Your Band is A Virus” came along, I was intrigued by the title and decided to give it a quick read. I wasn’t disappointed.  The author, James Moore, clearly knows his stuff and better yet, knows how to explain things in a way that is both simple but interesting. I loved the humor, direct tone and wealth of information in this book.  It was so well worth it.

Today, the book has been updated, and was just released on  It is a definite read for any independent artist.

The book is not written specifically for any genre, so it’s perfect for whatever type of music you play.  And with the prevalence of so many blogs and webzines in 2012, “Your Band is A Virus” is incredibly current and keeps up with these online trends.  Moore explains that “the artists who know how to approach the press properly, with personable style and professionalism, will have the best chance at landing reviews, interviews and blog posts spreading their music to the masses.”

“Your Band Is A Virus” doesn’t spread itself too thin by venturing into areas of the business such as touring or seeking out management. Its main goal is to empower artists by giving them simple, actionable steps that they can implement as they read. The book encourages Hip Hop artists to embrace all potential media supporters, both large and small. Reaching out to independent blogs and even personal blogs can really get your name out there, and the more your name is mentioned in Google’s results, the more buzz you are likely to build.

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