Musicperk Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

Band: Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Location: Charlotte, NC

Styles: Rock / Indie / Alternative


Quirky, fun, and surprisingly intense, Grown Up Avenger Stuff are a 4-piece rock/indie group from North Carolina. Formed in 2009 and working non-stop since then, the band cheerfully dedicate themselves to “saving the world one rock song at a time. ” Grown Up Avenger Stuff have been touring regionally, nationally, and internationally in support of their critically acclaimed 2012 CD “Alive”. The recordings are focused nuggets of musicality and story. The live shows are pure high energy rock and roll generally ending with the crowd jumping, dancing, sweating, screaming, shouting – just like the band.

With endless music festivals and live experience under their belt, the band show no signs of letting up, with a very ambitious live schedule as well as an explosive new CD release entitled “Sparkleton” out on March 11, 2013.

Track Name Rating
Some Of Us ★★★★☆
Sparkleton ★★★★½
The Beat ★★★☆☆
Pins ★★★½☆
The Man ★★★★☆
Too Cool ★★★★☆
Do Ya ★★★★½

1. Some of us

Easily, the album’s best song ! The album starts off with a bang in the form of “Some of us” where Kroener’s vocals take the song to the next level literally. The pitching & rendering are top-notch. The way the song finishes after an extended guitar-percussion-vocal play really sticks with the listeners. The arrangements & instrumentation gives us a throwback to the 90’s. Good start !

2. Sparkleton

This album’s getting better ! “Sparkleton” is equally a powerful song with some towering lyrics. The song starts off slowly with light guitar strumming & then picks up momentum with some powerful lyrics in the mix too. The vocals are effortlessly rendered & this bass based song works.

3. The Beat

Well, it’s a different song to describe as the song looks like a coin having two sides. The first part of the song is the racy one where the lyrics are dominated by the arrangements & is difficult to comprehend the rap portions. But, the second portion makes up for it with its reduced tempo & mellow rendition. But, worth an attempt to listen!

4. Pins

“Pins” bring back the listeners to quintessential Grown Up Avenger Stuff. This song falls under the same genre as the first song “Some of us”. The arrangements, instrumentation deserve mention. There is heavy usage of percussions right throughout this song. This is a light song compared to the one’s which we have been hearing so far.

5. The Man

The next best song after the first two songs ! “The Man” has Kroener at her best with some classy singing out there. This song gives us a sample of several musical

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genres by blending them. This is a pretty intense number which is sure to grow on the listeners while repeated listening.

6. Too Cool

“Too Cool” is a track that stretches for more than five minutes is an experimental track that allows the lead singers to unleash themselves completely. This song is easy on the ears & the lyrics are typical Grown Up Avenger Stuff. This song doesn’t let the listener’s attention to deviate holding them together even when the song’s duration is a bit on the higher side.

7. Do Yo

This becomes the album’s shortest track but still the most effective track with diverse style. It’s a pity that this song is so short otherwise it had all the potentials to top the charts & remain as the best song of the album. A perfect, fitting finale to a rocking album !

Picks of the album : Do Yo, Sparkleton, Some of Us, The Man

Album Verdict : This is rocking stuff!