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Week #6

The “songperk” for this week is  Sounds of Air by the band Staccato.

Performed by Sruthi Sagar on the flute Bala – Rhythms

Arranged & Programmed by Vikram Sarathy .R.

Sounds of aiR…. Rough Edit …. Final mix coming soon… by Staccato Studios

Biography :- 

Label: Studio Aks

Management: Ajay Gnaneshekar – Zinthak Events

Members: Vikram – Keys, Sruthi Sagar – Flute, Bala – Percussion, Sabharish- Guitars, Gowtham – Vocals, Shallu- Bass, Manoj – Violin, Vandana – Vocals, Yeshwanth-Keys  

Staccato is an experimental band whose very essence lies in assimilating a plethora of musical tradition across the world and creating music that soothes the soul. This band draws from an impressive spectrum of style, some of which include Carnatic music, Jazz and Blues, Arabian influences, Bach et al. This diversity in pursuit is perhaps a result of the composition of this band where the members are from varied musical backgrounds and each one brings with him a unique flavor to Staccato.

The founding team for Staccato saw three young boys from Chettinad Vidyashram, Vikram , Sruthi Sagar & Balausbramaniam to participate in a collaborative venture- one that was infused with passion and zest for music. Despite their age, these guys were certainly not amateurs. They were previously associated with a band that had among its members, noted musicians such G.V Prakash and Saindhavi. Having accumulated a wide repertoire of musical style, these boys were able to apply what they had acquired by means of previous associations to this new venture.

Staccato is gaining international recognition – a development worthy of immense pride! This band scored the music for ‘’Thinapayanam’’ which went on to feature at the Norway Film Festival and also won accolades for the best score at the Paris Film Festival. Staccato has represented India at the World Finals of Tum Tum Pa – an innovative percussion event organized by Red Bull in Beazil. Staccato was chosen from competing artists across six cities in India Current projects include music composition for a play by the renowned Little Theatre, which would be representing India at the International Theatre Festival in Madras involving participants from ten countries.

Driven by a zest for new forms of music and innovative compositions that please the soul, Staccato is trying to create a niche for itself on the current music front, and eventually make an impression on global space. 

We managed to catch up with Vikram Sarathy.R. Of Staccato band. Here's an excerpt of our interview.

Any specific reason behind the name “Staccato” ?

We had a different name earlier- Sustain 4th. But we didn't feel the name was lucky enough. We decided to change it in one competition. The name Staccato just came out as there were lot of Staccato notes played on the song we had rehearsed for the competition.

How long has the band been together?

For the past 2 years. We actually know each other for 15 years. Most of us are from the same school but different batches.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes, we do . We mainly compose instrumental song – more of a contemporary classics. We cover various genres from salsa to our carnatic.

Can you give us your favorite top five bands of all time?

Shakthi has had a great influence on us

Top 5 would be hard to choose but ..


Indian Ocean

India Lucia

Laya project

Heart Beat

And artists like Ilayaraja, Rahman, L Subramaniam, Quincy Jones, Stevie wonder, to name a few.

Any memorable moments/goof-ups that you would like to share with us?

A lot of them .. We represented India at the Red Bull's Tum Tum pa held at Rio de janerio.

There were like 150 musicians from across the world . We were able to share a lot of ideas with them..and we learnt a lot ! They were aware of the intricacies of our Classical music & many knew Rajnikanth !

Goof ups – not any major ones !

Tell us about your future plans.

Our band's keyboardist is composing music for a tamil feature film . Vandana our band's vocalist has started her playback career . We are planning to do more concerts this year .. and we also have an idea for an album – but the production will need a solid one year.

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