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Musicperk Rating : ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Cast : Vijay Sethupathi, Sanchita Shetty, Radha Ravi, MS Bhaskar, Karna Karan, Simhaa

Music : Santhosh Narayanan

Story : Nalan Kumarasamy, Srinivasa Kavineyam

Editing : Leo John Paul

Cinematography : Dinesh

Screenplay : Nalan Kumarasamy

Direction : Nalan Kumarasamy


        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Mama Douser Andrea Jeremiah ★★★★☆
Come Na Come Ganesh Kumar B, Chinna ★★★★☆
Kasu Panam Gana Bala, Andony Dasan ★★★☆☆
Ellam Kadandhu Kovai Jaleel ★★★½☆
Sa Ga Divya Ramani ★★★½☆
Sudden Delight Rob Mass ★★★★☆

Mama Douser

Singers : Andrea Jeremiah

Lyrics : Nalan Kumarasamy

The best song from the lot! This is a completely mad track with quirky arrangements & Andrea notches the song to a different level with her rendition which is full of improvisations.The high pitch portions have been easily rendered & the sound quality is refreshingly new.Did I mention the quirky lyrics written by the director himself ? A thorough blast!

Come Na Come

Singers : Ganesh Kumar B, Chinna

Lyrics : Ganesh Kumar B

As soon as we start listening to this number, we realize this album is definitely a wacky, entertaining & funny one.This song starts off with childhood’s popular phrase & is made on the lines of it.The song features parodies of famous personalities(No, I won’t name them!).I am saving the rest for the listeners.Trendy!

Kasu Panam

Singers : Gana Bala, Andony Dasan

Lyrics : Gana Bala

Probably, the weakest song of the album.”Kaasu Panam” is a short song lasting just over a couple of minutes.This one’s a fusion of club & gaana genres.Sadly, didn’t work for me.Might appeal with visuals or on repeated hearings.

Ellam Kadandhu

Singers : Kovai Jaleel

Lyrics : RR

A throwback to the 60’s! Ellam Kadandhu is vintage black & white, philosophical song straight out of Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy’s jukebox.Songs like this still merit value & demands listener’s attention mainly because of their lyrics.The vocals, arrangements & lyrics are all in perfect synch with each other but how this number’s gonna be used in the movie is left to be watched!

Sa Ga

Singers : Divya Ramani

Lyrics : Muthamil

Remember ‘Ninaikuthey’ from Pizza ?? Yes, the haunting, slow song which happened to be the ringtone the hero hears inside that haunted house.”Sa Ga” is straight out of that tune & it still is appealing mainly because the tune sticks with listeners.Divya has done a fine rendition with this one & the composer has once again delivered an interesting number albeit from his template.

Sudden Delight

Singers : Rob Mass

Lyrics : Adhi

The quintessential theme music! Already hugely popular in social networking sites thanks to the teaser.The theme music is predominantly made electro based with a wide usage of instruments like synthezisers, trumpets, horns & vocals added in the mix as well.

Picks of the album : Mama Douser, Come Na Come, Sudden Delight

Album Verdict : Wacky, Trippy & Completely Funny!