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Composer Ayako Yamauchi’s award-winning single ‘Eternally’ reminded me at times of ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’. The surreal memory and reality phantasmagoria that is at play in the Charlie Kaufman story ended up sowing the seeds of its playful influence in most narratives about love and loss. In this video we see a refreshingly different take about a man pining for a woman torn between dreams and reality and the effect is heightened by the music.

The video which has a running time of about five and a half minutes is a succinct exploration of heartbreak. A man is waiting at a train station thinking about his fiancee. Suddenly he says a woman in a mask (A la Kubrick’s depiction of enticing masked women in “Eyes Wide Shut”). He tries to follow her and without spoiling the rest of the video I would leave it to the audience to follow him along.

The music is poignant and goes well with the themes – Alienation, atomization and loneliness that breeds despair in modernity. There is a streak of nihilism that is paired with a world-weary hero and a winsome heroine in Allie Pratt that makes this go down easily. Overall a fun break for me the buzz around the new St.Vincent and Beck!