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Song: Accept What You Can(not) Change

Artist: Suicide Club

Genre(s): Hip-Hop

The Suicide Club, a three man crew featuring Packie, Jazz Rama, and Taxxi Tai, feature on Songperk this week. As soon the song begins, the intro verse draws you in dramatically, the music building tension and warp-like. More dimensions get added to the song with every passing verse. The rap is effective, and the way it’s delivered further helps proceedings. Reminiscent of an Eminem – Dr. Dre song, the lines about hardships and regret hit hard and have a good flow to them. The bridge sees some refreshing additions, and the song as a whole is well produced. Living up to international standards, more than anything, the way the song is put together and how the individual parts contribute to the sum is what makes this the song of the week.