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Song: Super Alo Fragilistic

Artist: Yarley G and GiO

Genre(s): Singer-Songwriter/EDM

We might’ve often wondered what new-age music, the music of the future, might just hold. This neo-soul, neo-funk, neo-electronic track could possibly be a nod to that musing. And not in a bad way. The super-mellow intro and the poetic singing, backed by some truly endearing music is a treat to listen to. The lyrical play is also quite witty, with the words never coming across as predictable. The earnestness in the vocals adds brownie points, and lines like “You don’t know what you do when you feed me magic treats” appeal directly to the heart. What would you call someone when you can’t quite find the right word to describe them? Super Alo Fragilistic? The song cheekily gets away with that, and some more, as the transition to the electronic beats happens. The groove that follows sees some matured production, and it is this section that truly adds innovation to the track, and makes it what it is.