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Song: It’s Great To Live In The USA

Artist: Warren Jackson

Genre(s): Urban R&B, Pop

Featuring this week on Songperk, a song that is as flawed and ambitious as they come. The intro catches you off guard with its utter abruptness, and screams of going against the tide. What follows is a pretty nice-sounding, jazzy groove that carries with it the hook, as you later come to realize. The chorus is deliberately kept to a low volume, to the point of the words not being clearly heard. But you go along with it, and you are pleasantly surprised by the lines that follow. They actually work, and do not come across as preachy or precocious. As you start enjoying the groove and the spoken word, a cool saxophone solo hits you, like that perfect cocktail by the beach. The sheer audacity of the song tends to impress you, and back comes the saxophone – which just might be the best thing to happen to this oddly enjoyable song.