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Song: Change

Artist: Robert Maddrey

Genre(s): R&B/Soul

Change, an R&B song by Robert Maddrey, scores right from the start with its simple yet delightful chord sequence and an on-point beat. With the warm mellow chime backed by the eager beat, the fading echoes of ‘Wake up’ set the tone for the song, and invite us into a verse that’s almost chant-like. The lyrics, which are sung pretty earnestly, might just tend to remind one of a yesteryear song, but again work in their own unique way.

The formulaic strings do their part fairly well, as we start getting hooked to this strangely addictive tune.  Some interesting musical fillers happen as the song progresses, and bring out the necessary variations.

The whole song gives out the feeling of someone making music in their home garage, which at the end of the day, has turned out pretty good. Maddrey definitely deserves a mention for his efforts at this.