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Song: Naa Enna Muttala(Black Sheep Theme)

Artist: Kaber + Tenma

Genre: Indie Pop

Kurangan, a band formed about a year back, are the latest entrants in the Tamil independent music scene. Comprising of Kaber Vasuki as the front man, Sahib Singh on guitars, Tenma as the bassist and music producer, and Krish on the drums, Kaber and Tenma as a duo have come up with some heady stuff with Naa Enna Muttala.

As the strains on the guitar give way to a cheery pop groove, the short but effective intro makes for a more than ample headway into a song that’s both inspiring and relatable. The chirpy strings perfectly compliment Kaber’s earthy vocals, that go on about finding one’s space and not giving in to conformity. A song aimed at the millennial generation, this one is bound to find a large number of takers.

With the arrangements being refreshingly spunky, the eccentric rap by Tenma deserves a special mention for its one-of-a-kind approach. Coming to the men of the moment, Kaber + Tenma seem to be ones worth looking out for, along with their band Kurangan. Tamil indie music most definitely seems to be headed in the right direction!