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#Week 26

Song: Sobillu Sapthaswara (Ragam Jaganmohini)

Singer: Shravan RP of Vijay TV Airtel Super Singer Junior Season 2 Fame

Original Performance at Bharat Kalachar

1. Shravan RP – Probably the first thing that will strike our reader’s minds is Vijay TY Airtel Super Singer Junior Season 2. Tell us how did road to fame through Vijay TV start?

Vijay TV Super Singer has been the best platform I’ve got so far so exhibit my talent in music. I was initially quite doubtful whether to take part in this show – because I was then only a Carnatic vocalist. But now I proudly say that I am a Vijay TV product and definitely Super Singer has turned me a new leaf and has made me versatile and adaptable to different genres. It all started when I gave my CD and was then called for the auditions. Each and every round was a learning experience. I consider myself extremely privileged to have interacted with eminent musicians and learnt many things from them. Amazing experience!

Shravan Pratap

2. How has working with maestros A.R.Rahman & Ilayaraja been?

Meeting AR Rahman sir was like meeting God. When I was in my 3rd standard I got an opportunity to sing chorus for the song “Yeh Tara Woh Tara” from Swades. He was so kind and very humble – full of energy. Then yet again, a bunch of kids got to sing Thai Manne Vanakkam along with him, in a show honouring our CM Jayalalitha maám. I still remember – I was standing next to him, and I actually got to see him play the keyboard live. It was a mind blowing experience for me. My school, PSBB Nungambakkam, provided me an opportunity to sing chorus for the Maestro Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja Sir. It was great to watch the legend in live action and I cherish this always.

3.You have performed in London, Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Kuwait..the list is endless. How has the experience abroad different from India?

Performing abroad has always been something I’ve looked forward to. The people there are so warm-hearted and they have a sound & chaste knowledge about music. They enjoy everything that is good music. The response has always been overwhelming. The kind of the audience varies in each country but what unites, is good music.

4. How has TV reality shows affected the music industry?

Reality shows have definitely affected the music industry a lot. Reality shows nowadays have become the road map or route to emerge as a playback singer. One should also be a great performer, a crowd puller apart from being just a singer, and that is the strong reason why many upcoming playback singers these days are from reality shows where they get an amazing platform to exhibit their talent.

5.Apart from music, what else do you love?

Apart from music, I love cooking. I love South-Indian traditional food and always learn from my mom. She’s the best cook, an expert in dosas. I love playing carrom with my maternal grandmother. I love photography. I am crazy about cameras.

6. Which is your favorite genre?

Ah…this is a tough question. I listen to all kinds of music. But Carnatic music has always been my favourite. Right from my childhood, I’ve been fed with Carnatic music and I feel that it gives a lot of peace and happiness.

7.What is your ambition in life?

I wish to become a World-renowned musician and a Chartered Accountant.

8.One person who has helped you throughout this music journey.

My mother has always been my greatest pillar of support. She’s the one who has been instrumental behind my music. She is very knowledgeable in music .Throughout my Super Singer journey she has sacrificed so many things, to make my journey successful. My sister has also played a significant role in moulding me. She has always been guiding me in my musical journey. My father has been the person who has actually travelled with me to every concert ,post Super Singer, without whom I wouldn’t have been able

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to perform at all. My Gurus Shri.Kalaimamani Srimushnam V.Raja Rao and Smt.Padma Chandilyan have been the greatest source of inspiration I could get. They supported me throughout my Super Singer journey and I consider very fortunate to be their disciple.

9.What can we expect from you in the future?

I will work to the best of my abilities to propagate good music to people. I hope with God’s grace I emerge successful in my career.

10. Most of us don’t know the Shravan, the guy who is doing his class 12 from Padma Seshadri, Nungambakkam, Chennai. How do you manage education while dealing with music, television, fame.

I am currently doing my 12th in PSBB Main school, Nungambakkam Branch. Our school Dean and director Padmashri. Dr.Mrs.Y.G.Parthasarathy has been extremely encouraging and supportive. She always remains my role model. My school has always been supporting me in whatever I do. My teachers and friends have been so kind and understanding that I had never felt the pressure of balancing academics and music.

11.Something you would like to tell about Musicperk?

Musicperk is awesome. It’s so nice that artists and musicians get interviewed and a lot of importance is being given to independent music.

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