Artist : Adele

Track Name : Skyfall

Lyrics : Adele , Paul Epsworth

Producer : Michael G.  Wilson, Barbara Broccoli

Director : Sam Mendes

James Bond – the word which has always been the epitome of grandeur & richness is back in its golden jubilee year (Yes, it has been 50 years since Dr. No hit the screens! ) Daniel Craig is all set to resume his Bond avatar. After receiving much flak for his selection as James Bond, he shut his critics with his “From the book” portrayal of Bond in his two movies & this one is also not far. Sam Mendes, after a lineup of classic films such as American Beauty, Revolutionary Road, Road to Perdition, etc is wielding the megaphone here.

Close your eyes & think of Bond, you will automatically start to visualize the gun barrel sequence with the bond theme music playing behind. Such is the impact of music in Bond films. Almost all title songs in the past have entered the record books in one way or the other. Bond title sequence is somewhat a ritual for the franchise with husky, larger than life vocals with colorful visuals. The history has been dominated mostly by the likes of female singers such as Shirley Bassey, Tina Turner or Nancy Sinatra. After a series of musical chairs on who would sing the next bond track, it was announced that it would be Adele. Huge responsibility was on the 21 singer & has she delivered ?

The answer is a big YES. One listen to this song and automatically it is hummable. The song packs all the usual Bond punches – be it the lyrics, the vocals, the arrangements.

The chorus portions were done breathtakingly & one can imagine the grandeur the visuals can pack. Adele can just be the next Shirley Bassey who continued to be the franchise’s traditional singer(Goldfinger, Moonraker, Diamonds are Forever). The song just glides through & doesn’t looses the grip on the listener.The chord progressions are minor but the husky voice tagged along with old Bond type orchestration does the trick. The lyrics are typical bond-ish. Well, this song is sure to stay at the top of the charts for the weeks to come by. Traditional Bond fans will love this song. This is by far Daniel Craig’s best bond song. With the impetus the song has provided, one can wonder how well it is shot visually.

Track ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Track Verdict : Licensed to kill