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Cast : Bradley Cooper,Jennifer Lawrence,Julia Stiles,Robert De Niro,Chris Tucker,Anupam Kher

Music : Danny Elfman

Cinematography : Masanobu Takayanagi

Editing : Jay Cassidy and Crispin Struthers

Screenplay : David O.Russell, Matthew Quick

Direction : David O.Russell

David O. Russell, the much controversial yet talented director is back with his new flick, ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. The movie happens to be an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Matthew Quick. The movie bagged the best motion picture at the 17th Annual Satellite Awards, among other awards. Sure to say, the movie’s soundtrack is its silver lining’. So, let’s take look at it.


Track Name Rating
Silver Lining Titles ★★★☆☆
My Cherie Amour ★★★☆☆
Always Alright ★★★½☆
Unsquare Dance ★★½☆☆
Buffalo ★★★★☆
The Moon of Manakoora ★★½☆☆
Goodnight Moon ★★★½☆
Now I’m a Fool ★★★☆☆
Walking Home ★★★☆☆
Girl from the North Country ★★★½☆
Silver Lining ★★☆☆☆
Hey Big Brother ★★½☆☆
Maria ★★★☆☆

Soundtrack Analysis :

1. Silver Lining Titles

The track starts off with light strings and a rhythmic humming that is welcoming. As it goes on, it takes an eclectic turn, making it a mix of a variety of genres. The jazz in the midway makes it enjoyable, and when the bass gets deeper, the rhythmic humming returns to make the track a joy.

2. My Cherie Amour

This track is from the classic soul singer, Stevie Wonder, whose vocals give a retro feel as it sets into a frolic-y mood. The romance in his voice is rich and young that makes the keys all the more enriching. A good old classic fan would definitely enjoy this one.

3.Always Alright

The peppy beats and the adrenaline-filled lyrics have just the right kind of tempo to give your mood a lightning-fast rise. Start your day with the track and the day sure is yours.

4.Unsquare Dance

This jazz musical piece though repetitive as it goes on is a good listen as it surprises you towards the end with its not-so-jazzy beats. A very

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average track.


The track is delightfully sad and lingeringly moving. An oxymoron in every sense. Sets an aura of tranquility around you. Arguably the best track of the OST.

6.The Moon of Manakoora

This track reminds you of the suburban way of living, with its very classic background score with the jazzy guitar notes and the archaic ring in the voice is a pleasure.

7. Goodnight Moon

The track starts like an MJ track but the vocals give it an eerie feeling and the ominous lyrics sure add to its eeriness. But then if you ignore the eeriness, the voice gets you hooked and the track stays with you for quite some time.

8. Now I’m a Fool

This track from the band ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ has a mellow beat to it with the vocals giving a dreamy feel, the drums make it a little peppy. A good one.

9. Walking Home

Danny Elfman’s composition, the track starts off with soulful humming the gives a melancholic feeling and the keys add to its misery and the track delves into a poignant trance.

10. Girl from the North Country

This age-old classic from the legendary Bob Dylan needs no words at all. The feelings that he expresses for his lady love, well, melts your heart. Must hear, at least for the wonderful lyrics.

11. Silver Lining

If you’re one of those who listens to likes of Jessie J, then you wouldn’t mind listening to the song. Though not a great one, the track goes with the scene in the movie just fine.

12. Hey Big Brother

The track starts off with light drums in a very retro style, the song picks up with every element of it getting typically retro. All the oldies might get a bit nostalgic here, taking them back to the Rare earth concert days.

13. Maria

Of the all the jazz tracks in the OST, this one is the most enjoyable. Every single note of the track makes you want to croon along with as you dance to its amazing melody.

A typical romantic-comedy, the movie is well on its way to impress the audience. Though the soundtrack blends well with the scenes and the movie and transcends the movie in itself, the tracks individually lack the public appeal, albeit, some tracks stay with you for a long while.

Picks of the album: Silver Lining Titles, Buffalo

Album Verdict: Danny Elfman has done a decent job but be choosy when it comes to this OST.