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MEMBERS:  Massimiliano Morini-Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, vocals

                      Lorenzo Gasperoni- acoustic & electric guitar, bass guitar, bouzouki

                      Francobeat Naddei-Keyboards, electric guitar

                      Dennis Valentini-Drums, bass guitar

Italian singer-songwriter Massimiliano Morini is the leader of rock group Moro, which he calls his “musical creature”. The four-piece band recently released their second album, Silent Revolution, to pretty good reviews from all quarters. Moro’s influences range from’60s folk of Donovan to contemporaries like Elliott Smith. He also displays a certain partiality for the music of Leonard Cohen and Paul Weller. “I try to write Paul Weller songs with Leonard Cohen lyrics,” says Morini, never afraid to open up about his influences. The album consists of twelve songs. Now let’s see how the songs fare.

             Track title               Rating
Love and understanding ★★★½☆
A pose by any other name ★★★☆☆
Silent revolution ★★★★½
After all ★★½☆☆
Some by time ★★½☆☆
My new love ★★★★½
No clue ★★★☆☆
Ordinary days ★★★★☆
Squander ★★★☆☆
Spike Milligan ★★★½☆
When I go to bed too late ★★★☆☆
Lie to me ★★★½☆

1. Love and understanding

The first song usually sets the pace for the rest of the album and this song does that job beautifully .Soothing and smooth this song has good lyrics and a real sweet tune that lifts your spirits and invites you to listen to the rest of the songs with excitement.

2. A pose by any other name

This song is more upbeat and has a folk-like feel that sets your feet tapping. Possessing catchy yet simple beats a pose by any other name creates a scenario where you want to start clapping and do a little jig!

3. Silent Revolution

The instant I heard this song I was reminded of a totally adorable jingle by Vodafone and this creates a mood which is instantly perky. This song is easily one of the best in the album and dedicated to those souls who are confused as to their destination in life, but hey sit back! Have a cuppa and enjoy this song!

4. After all

This is one of the slower songs of the album but boasts of lyrics that have music of their own. It is not one of my favourites because of the pace but it will surely find takers.

5. Some by time

Starts off with a nice guitar melody and proceeds into a mellow tune with lyrics that is quite soulful. The feel is quite similar to the previous song, not your typical happy tune but thoughtful all the same.

6. My new love

Talk about optimism and i can say ‘my new love’! I prefer believing that new love being referred to over here is not a girl but a new ray of hope and that’s what the tune also provides .A sunny ray of hope for all those who are down. Sweet melodies and sweeter words, this one is another of my favourites and recommended.

7. No clue

This song is quite slow and gives a feeling of melancholy because of the music but the lyrics provide you with more of an encouraging mood .With minimal music this song pushes the vocals to the lead and has a charm of its own.

8. Ordinary days

Ordinary days has a quintessential bluesy feel to it and is very catchy. It is one of those songs you can listen to, on a balmy day, on a hammock .So close your eyes and enjoy

9. Squander

All the songs so far possess a melody that is fresh, almost literally like a fresh breath of wind and it continues with this as well. Spanning little over 2 and half minutes this is quite a short song but the length is apt because a little longer would make it quite monotonous.

10. Spike Milligan

Spike Milligan, the uniqueness of the song title carries on to the music as well. Suave yet feisty this song succeeds in getting you hooked (in case you haven’t already). The subtle yet dramatic change in the melody, the funky yet meaningful lyrics, for me is one of the high points of the album.



11. When I go to bed too late

It’s queer and somewhat haunting melody subtly holds in your attention right at the beginning. The music and the basic tempo are quite different from what will generally be expected but despite this still possess that typical ‘Moro’ signature.

12. Lie to me

The title does induce a cynical frame of mind but the music is so not that. Perhaps that is what makes this song so different. A sort of Scottish bagpipes mixed with church choir melody which blends effortlessly into a soft and almost painfully sweet composition. Even though it is slow and mellow it does not bore you.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Picks of the album: Silent Revolution, My New Love, Ordinary Days

Verdict: Take a chunk of soothing melody; add a dash of meaningful lyrics and a sprinkling of something unique in almost every song and you have Moro! A versatile harmony, the Italian sunny warmth, the use of melodies is very innovative. Sometimes all the songs seem similar but not for too long. An album that is very much recommended.