Director : Bela Bhansali Sehgal

Music Director : Jeet Ganguly

Singers : KK, Shreya Goshal, Mohit Chauhan, Neeraj Sridhar, Usha Uthup

The name of the film is enough to get one curious as to what is this movie going to be about. What increases the curiosity is that Choreographer Farah Khan as the lead actress in the movie. So one surely is quite anxious, as to what to expect. Along with Farah Khan, Boman Irani the new age film comedian is also starring in the film. This one is a romantic comedy but will it strike a chord with the audience? That we will only know on 24th August when the movie releases. When it comes to the music of this movie, again one doesn’t know what to expect hence let’s just look at how each song in the album fares and then decide

Song name Singer Rating
Ishq mein tere bina KK and Shreya Goshal ★★★★☆
Khatti meethi Shreya Goshal ★★★½☆
Kaafir andhere KK ★★★½☆
Shirin Farhad ki toh nikal padi Neeraj Shridhar ★★★☆☆
Kukuduku Mohit Chauhan ★★★★☆
Ramba mein samba Usha Uthup ★★★★☆

 Song name : Ishq mein tere bina

A superb start to the song. It has a very Spanish feel to it which makes the music very enjoyable to listen to. Shreya’s voice sounds very melodious and KK too does an admirable job. It’s a pleasing love track to listen to on a starry night while you dance with your partner.

 Song name :: Khatti meethi

A bi lingual track sung by Shreya Goshal again! So you can obviously expect this one to be a sweet melody too. The music still has a Spanish feel to it. The guitar strings and piano fusion is a plus as it is the music which will make you want to listen to it again. Shreya is at her best as always but somehow it sounds so monotonous because lately she has been singing a lot of songs for various movies in the same honey sweet voice.

 Song name : Kaafir andhere

 Surprisingly this turns out to be a soft rock song with all the guitaring that it offers. Soft, subtle vocals along with heavy music in the background gives this track a perfect touch which it requires. The Chorus part is beautifully sung, pay careful attention to that while listening to this track, you will love it!

Song name : Shirin Farah ki toh nikal padi

Fast beats, techno rock music and a little bit of rapping this is what this song provides you with which will take you aback. The beats of the track get a thumbs up but the rapping gets a thumbs down. The lyrics isn’t that good either, it’s a time pass song or what our generation would call it a ‘fun’ song with some nice upbeat music.

 Song name : Kukuduku

 There isn’t a better track to listen to than this while going for a long drive! This song is purely a breath of fresh air. It’s light and gusty, the lyrics are noteworthy too. Also, you have Mohit Chauhan singing this track, what more could one ask for!

 Song name : Ramba mein samba

This one has a surprise stored for you. As the track begins it sounds like the usual Indian track with the same kind of beats hence it’s natural we might skip this. But, don’t even think of it as the music gets so much more better as the track transforms itself into jumpy Indian happy dance song. Usha Uthup does a brilliant job, no one else other than her could have sung this song as well as she did. Listen to this one for it’s music and the vocals.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Verdict : As unexpected as it might seem, the music of this album is not bad at all! In fact it surpasses one’s expectations. Kukuduku, Ramba mein Samba and Ishq mein tere bina are a must listen. This album is a mixture of some amazing beats with a Spanish touch to it in the first two tracks and lovely vocals. If there’s one word to describe this album it’s ‘happy’, as none of the tracks in this album will leave you in a morbid state whereas it will pump you up and continue to keep you in that chirpy mood.