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Movie: Shakti

Starring: Jr. NTR, Ileana

Music: Mani Sharma

Song Title Singers Rating
Thaliya Thaliya Ranjith ★★★☆☆
Prema Desam Yuvarani Hemachandra, Saindhavi ★★★★☆
Mathileka Pichiga Ranjith, Chinmayi ★★★½☆
Maharudra Shakti Ranjith, Muralidhar, Rita, Saindhavi, Hemachandra, Malavika, Hanumanta Rao, Vardhini ★★★☆☆
Surro Surra Javed Ali, Suchitra ★★★☆☆
Yamaga Unde Karunya, Malavika ★★★½☆
Mahishasura Mardhini Sharath, Srivardhini ★★★½☆

1. Thaliya Thaliya

Singer: Ranjith

This is a racy, piquant number with majestic opening beats. It has a mix of hindi and telugu lyric penned by Rama Jhogaya Sastry. The grandeur of the song with its rigorous drum beats and powerful lyric singing praises of the hero, gives the “mass” feel to the listener. Ranjith comes up with a neat rendition, giving adequate punch to the intro song.

2. Prema Desam

Singers: Hemachandra, Saindhavi

The song starts off beautifully with magical keys and violin that transport you into a dream land. This is a romantic melody crooned by Hemachandra and Saindhavi, who have lifted the song to a different level with their melting voices.  The musical genius of Mani Sharma is evident from the exceptional use of flute and violin. So soft and pleasant to the ears, this one definitely is a praise-worthy offering by Mani.

3. Mathileka Pichiga

Singers: Ranjith, Chinmayi

Mani Sharma offers another song to Ranjith, this time a duet with Chinmayi. With the latter modulating her voice well, the song sounds peppy and stylish though not completely fresh! The cool fast beats throughout, keep you driving. The rap portion is quite attractive and would be appealing to the youth. On the whole, this is a pretty decent composition that could turn out to be your favorite on repeated hearing.

4. Maharudra Shakti

Singers: Ranjith, Muralidhar, Rita, Saindhavi, Hemachandra, Malavika, Hanumanta Rao, Vardhini

Maharudra Shakti is a divine song on rudra. The opening of the song is marked by bombastic drum beats that exude a serious mood and at the same time arousing a divine aura within us. A bunch of singers have lent their voices and it has produced a wholesome effect to the song. With lyric adding the extra power, the song has got everything to spread spirituality in the air!

5. Surro Surra

Singers: Javed Ali, Chinmayi

Following the success of ‘Maham maye (Komaram Puli)’, the duo have once again joined together to give us a fast paced energetic number “Surro surra”. The song takes off softly but picks up momentum as it progresses. The huskiness in Suchitra’s voice and depth in Javed’s, add a unique flavor to the song. The violin, towards the end produces a melancholic feel.

6. Yamaga Unde

Singers: Karunya, Malavika

This is a fast song with absolutely no drag anywhere. The rhyming lyric of the song has been penned by Rama Jhogaya Sastry and has the hero and heroine singing about each other. Karunya and Malavika are a pleasure to listen to. With well arranged orchestration, this one is definitely a foot tapping number. Watch out for Jr. NTR’s dance in the song! This one is undoubtedly gonna be a dual treat : to the ears and to the eyes.

7. Mahishasura Mardhini

Singers: Sharath, Srivardhini

A song on goddess Durga, this one opens with bells chiming. This is a classical composition by Mani Sharma who has carefully tuned it to sound different as well as engaging. The song sounds melodious in the sonorous voice of Srivardhini.  Mani Sharma’s efforts to produce the divine effect have paid off. A musical bliss!


In summary, “Shakti” sounds powerful, romantic and resonating. With young and budding singers, the album does not compromise on energy and spirit! At the same time, Mani Sharma ensures a divine touch through songs such as “Maharudra Shakti” and “ Mahishasura Mardhini”.

So, if all that you are looking out for is a fine mix of divinity and energy, then this album has all the necessary ingredients to satisfy you! For the rest of you on the lookout for an outstanding album from Mani Sharma, you gotta wait a bit more!

Album ★★★½☆