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Embracing the joys of motherhood, singer/songer Shaheen Sheik has found a new path to travel down in her music with the new track, “Different,” featured on the highly acclaimed Buddha Bar compilations. The compilations are well-known across the world to bring forth a sense of relaxation to any atmosphere, and this track certainly delivered.

“Different” features an awe-inspiring collaboration with renowned producer SoulAvenue. The name signifies the life changes that Shaheen has experienced recently and the blossoming of self-expression that came out in this particular song.  Shaheen’s soulful vocals take the listener to, metaphorically, another world, while SoulAvenue’s rhythmic global beats create a Zen-like state of mind. The music that they create together makes one feel as if the two have been cosmically intertwined to create this piece, yet, they have never even met each other face-to-face.

“Different” is truly the perfect title for the track and is a song that will leave you with memories. It heightens our senses and lets us appreciate the fleeting moments of happiness that we often take for granted. It also goes to show you that music has a way of connecting people in the most profound ways, no matter the distance.

For more information about Shaheen Sheik, please visit www.shaheensheik.com