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Musicperk rating ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Cast : Venkatesh,Tapsee,Srikanth,Madhurima,Aditya Pancholi,MS Narayana

Music : S.Thaman

Story : Kona Venkat,Gopimohan

Editing : Marthand K.Venkatesh

Cinematography : Prasad Murella

Screenplay : Meher Ramesh

Direction : Meher Ramesh


        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Shadow Baba Sehgal,Naveen Madhav ★★★½☆
Gola Gola Hemachandra,Ramya NSK,Vandana ★★★★☆
Pilla Manchi Hemachandra,Suchitra ★★★★☆
Naughty Girl Simha,Geetha Madhuri ★★★½☆
Aythalaka Hari Charan,Ranjith,Rahul Nambiyar,Mega,Retha,Anitha ★★½☆☆
Revenge of Shadow Instrumental,Chorus ★★★☆☆


Singers : Baba Sehgal,Naveen Madhav

Power-Packed! Thaman has always been consistent when it comes to providing good,mass opening numbers – be it Mirapakaya,Dookudu,Businessman,Boduguard.So,that tradition continues here too.This is a complete package so full of heroism left to display & Venkatesh’s fans are going to have a ball.A dynamic start!

2.Gola Gola

Singers : Hemachandra,Ramya NSK,Vandana

‘Gola Gola’ is a typical Thaman number.This is a slow paced,duet with vocals being rendered perfectly by Ramya NSK & Hemachandra.This pleasant number is likely to be shot in rich foreign locales & is the sole romantic number in this album.Good listen !

3.Pilla Manchi

Singers : Hemachandra,Suchitra

This one’s gonna go viral! If shot properly & promoted well,this song could single-handedly bring people to the movie halls.This number is lined up to be the next ‘Sir Osthara’.Thaman always reserves his best compositions for Suchitra(Sir Osthara,Nellorae,Nijamena).She is all set to sweep all the regional awards this year with this song as her rendition was pitch-perfect.Hemachandra isn’t far behind.The tune is very catchy & there are no complicated arrangements in this song.The shenai(?) bits during the interludes deserve a mention. Chartbuster!


4.Naughty Girl

Singers : Simha,Geetha Madhuri

This is quite an unorthodox song ! The synth leads dominate the entire composition.The lead singers have done a fabulous job with this one.The tune is very different from the usual fare we hear.The male lead though reminds us of Baba Sehgal’s voice.This song is sure to become a fan favourite.Go for this !


Singers : Hari Charan,Ranjith,Rahul Nambiyar,Mega,Retha,Anitha

This has got to be the weakest song of the album.The tune is tried & tested.This is a routine mass,dance number aimed at the masses.There is no scope for innovation & uniqueness.Might appeal on repeated listening or after watching the visuals.Didn’t work for me sadly.

6.Revenge of Shadow

Singers : Instrumental,Chorus

This is just a short instrumental which would probably be used as the Theme Music/Re-recording during fight sequences.This number lasts hardly for a minute & is a rehashed version of the title number with different lyrics.Watching it on-screen would be better !

Picks of the album : Gola Gola,Pilla Manchi,Naughty Girl

Album Verdict : Full Thali offering from Thaman – has songs from all genres!