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Musicperk Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Cast : AryaAnjaliSanthanamPremji Amaren and Hansika Motwani.

Music : S.S.Thaman

Lable : Sony Music Entertainment

Story : Arshad Bhatia

Editing : Leo John Paul

Cinematography : P.G.Muthaiah

Screenplay : G.Dhananjayan, John Mahendran, R.Kannan

Direction :  R.Kannan


Settai (Naughty), the remake of Bollywood Blockbuster Delhi Belly. Director Kannan has come with his second Remake after Kanden Kadhalai. Just like his previous venture Vanthaan Vendraan, he has joined hands with Thaman. Delhi Belly had some rocking songs which were rage among the youth, it’s interesting to see how Thaman has done for the Tamil version or is it going in vain?

    Track Name               Singers     Rating
Agalathey Agalathey Vijay Prakash & Megha  ★★★☆☆
Edhathaan Kanduttey Nee Pudhusa Gaana Bala  ★★½☆☆
Arjuna Arjuna Karthik & Suchitra  ★★★½☆
Laila Laila Andrea Jeremiah  ★★½☆☆
Poyum Poyum Indha Kadhalukkulle Sricharan & Chinmayi  ★★★½☆
Theme Music of Settai Devan Ekambaram & Anbu Raju  ★★★☆☆

Album Analysis :

1. Agalathey Agalathey

Singers: Vijay Prakash & Megha

The album starts on a bang with a peppy song. Agalathe Agalathey, sounds definitely catchy, so does the music of this song. The song has some interesting tunes but at some place it seems to have similarity of Thaman’s previous tracks, mostly from his Telugu Songs. The song gives a melody touch and soon gets into dance mode. Madhan Karky’s lyric fits the music and gives a peppy feel to the song.
Ready for a Peppy Dance!!!

2. Edhathaan Kanduttey Nee Pudhusa

Singer: Gaana Bala

A usual Gaana Song with some heavy Gaana voice. The Lyrics is just simple and rhyming. Gaana Bala voice is Loud, Clear and Heavy. His voice alone has overshadowed the lack of punch that lyrics fails to deliver. The Beats are good. Not much of Instruments been used. Reminds me of a TR song. The Lyrics are written by the Singer himself. Thaman should have tried it better.
It’s just another Gaana Song, Let’s wait for the visual.

3. Arjuna Arjuna

Singers: Karthik & Suchitra

A Melody song with two of best singers in the Industry. You would definitely expect this song to be the pick of the album. The Song Starts on a bright note with the use of Instrument like Nadaswaram before the beats kicks off the Lyrics with Suchitra’s Voice in a soothing, grooving, and Melodious way. Suchitra needs to sing more melody songs; her voice has a lot of content to give some best romantic number. Karthik joins her with slight high pitch voice and gives that manly feeling that was required in this song. Suchitra ends the song which sounds to portray the Intimate feelings between the Lead Cast. As far as the Lyrics goes by, who else can it be, Thamarai. She knows how to pen the romantic intimate feeling between a man and woman, who are in deep love. Thaman has given the best in this song. It’s all upon the visuals, to make it big.
Short and Sweet, the Pick of the Album!

4. Laila Laila

Singer: Andrea Jeremiah

A High Octane, Philosophical, Item song. Andrea Jeremiah starts of in High note keeps the volume high throughout the song. Andrea handles high pitch without flaw, shows a very good control over her voice at high pitch. There isn’t much to be mentioned about Na. Muthukumar’s Lyrics here, which is just pure Tamil Adult Philosophy. Na. Muthukumar is the best we got for Philosophical songs, he has done a fair job. It’s all about the Music which could have made this song even better. Thaman did try something different but what he lacked was may be the use of right instrument when the ‘pallavi’ started. The starting tone sounds catchy after which I don’t see anything interesting in his work. He is sure to learn a lot and we can expect much better work from him in such songs. Just for Andrea!

5. Poyum Poyum Indha Kadhalukkulle

Singers: Sricharan & Chinmayi

The Second Peppy Romantic song in this movie, I am sure this must be for the second heroine. The Song hits off with a very beautiful Guitar work followed by Chinmayi starting off the ‘charanam’. Chinmayi does what she is best at, makes us get into the song form the start and along with her comes Sricharan’s voice at high pitch. Sricharan of ‘Ennamo Yeadho’ fame has a young and very energetic voice. Sricharan and Chinmayi voice makes the song sound more pleasant and is sure to capture the listeners instantly. Thaman deserves lot of credit as he has tried different instruments and shaped the song to sound lot more soulful. The Lyrics give a glimpse of what to expect in the Visual front. Madhan Karky, just like the previous song, has come with a very neat, beautiful and poetic lyrics for this song. The best song in this album.

6. Theme Music of Settai

Singers: Devan Ekambaram & Anbu Raju

So, finally the much awaited song. Tamil version of the Blockbuster Hindi Song ‘DK Boss’. Short, Fast, Instant Hit. This is been composed more like a theme song for this movie as there isn’t much of lyrics. An honest song keeping the original in mind, though Thaman didn’t try anything new he has just managed to be faithful to the Hindi Version and reduced the tempo just a bit for Tamil Audience.  Since there isn’t much of lyrics, it’s just the singer’s voice which is the highlight. Devan and Anbu have given a good punch to make this song look naughty and cool in Tamil.
‘Odu Odu Odu’!!!

Thaman has definitely tried to come with something different for Tamil Version of the Hindi Hit. Though he has managed to give a very naughty, youthful, energetic album, he really needs to find some fresh tunes for his upcoming albums. Now it’s the visual that can make each song a massive hit.

Picks Of The Album: Poyum Poyum Indha Kadhalukkulle, Arjuna Arjuna, Agalathey Agalathey.

Album Verdict: Settai – An Naughty Album, Good attempt!