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Touted to be Tollywood’s most awaited movie, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (SVSC) features together the two ace heroes of telugu film industry : Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu. Directed by Srikanth Addala, the film also has Samantha and Anjali in lead roles. Mickey J Meyer, known for some of his evergreen albums like Happy Days, Kotha Bangaru Lokam scores the music. The album is a pack of 7 songs and has some great young talents in it. Lets check out how the music has fared.

Song Artists Rating
Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu Chitra ★★★★½
Yem Cheddhaam Karthik, Ranjith, Sreerama Chandra ★★★½☆
Aaraduguluntada Kalyani ★★★★☆
Inka Cheppale Rahul Nambiar, Shweta Pandit ★★★½☆
Meghallo Karthik, Sreerama Chandra ★★★★☆
Mari Antaga Sreerama Chandra ★★★★☆
Vaana Chilukulu Karthik, Anjana sowmya ★★★☆☆

 01. Seethamma Vakitlo sirimalle Chettu

 With birds chirping around, as Godari gets described beautifully, melodious Chitra starts off in style to croon this title song. Classical melody being her forte, she effortlessly modulates providing adequate punch and softness wherever needed. The chorus supports well. Piano and drums played in the background remind us of nenani neevani, one of mickey’s popular works. With the usage of traditional south indian instruments like sannai melam, towards the end, the song pulls off a typical wedding mood. Altogether, a great start to the album.

02.  Yem Cheddhaam

Soon after basking in the sweetness of the title song, we come across this upbeat, racy and powerful number ‘Yem Cheddham’. The song featuring a lavish usage of instruments like drums and guitar is high on energy. Mickey tries to throw in a sense of seriousness right from the opening and the intensity levels seem to only rise as the song proceeds. Sung by a group of youngsters like Karthik, Ranjith and Sreerama Chandra, the song with its notable lyrics, deserves an important place in the flick.

03.  Aaraduguluntada

As anyone could easily identify, the song sings praises of the hero (Mahesh Babu, to be precise). The lyrics with phrases like ‘Araduguluntada, edadugulestada’ ‘andariki nachesevada’ appear to be tailor made for him. Kalyani (do not mistake her voice for Shreya Ghoshal’s), deserves special mention for sounding exceptionally sweet throughout. A very pleasant and endearing composition with magical flute playing in the back, this one cannot be skipped.

04.   Inka Cheppale

This is a romantic duet from Mickey. Rahul Nambiar and Shweta Pandit (of nenani neevani fame) come together to render the song. Ananth Sriram’s lyrics are catchy. With good beats and sensible singing, the song is definitely an engaging listen. It is sure to grow on you, as you keep listening to it.

05.  Meghallo

Time to tie the knot! Meghallo is a recital that delineates the joyous occasion of the wedding ceremony of Sri Rama and Sita. Karthik does full justice in his rendition and is well supported by Sreerama Chandra. Mickey Meyer has reused the traditional instruments that he used in the title song, but this time, better and more generous. An air of happiness and excitement prevails all around and the song has captured the mood quite well.

06.  Mari Antaga

Attractive tune and charming lyrics make up this song. Sreerama Chandra adapts well to the genre and delivers a notable performance. Although at few places the song sounds trite, there are few other commendable portions that make the song really appealing. Bonus points for that! The flute interlude adds more sweetness. Good one from the composer.

07.  Vaana Chilukulu

Taking into consideration the standards set by some of the previous tracks, this one just slips below those. A simple tune but not greatly impressive. The arrangements are regular and there is not much scope for creativity. Although the singers have done their part well, there is some missing element here. Passable.

Verdict: Love soft, melodious numbers? Looking for something in the lines of ‘Godavari’?? Then this album is sure, a treat for you! Mickey has scored some refreshing and pleasing tunes for the film, with majority of the them falling under melody genre. The title song by Chitra, Aaraduguluntada, Mari Antaga are captivating. On the other hand, for those seeking variety, this one, sadly, is not  for you.

Overall ★★★★★★★★☆☆