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Artist: Katie Melua

Genre: Acoustic, Blues, Jazz

Label: Dramatico

Lyrics: Mike Batt, Katie Melua, Ron Sexsmith


Secret Symphony is Katie Melua’s 5th studio album, of what she claims to be a ‘singer’s album’. The album’s recorded in collaboration with orchestrator, conductor and her discoverer Mike Batt. With such big names in its bidding, does the British really pull it off this time round?

Track Rating
Gold in them Hills ★★★★☆
Better Than a Dream ★★★★½
The Bit That I Don’t Get ★★★☆☆
Moonshine ★★★★☆
Forgetting All My Troubles ★★★★½
All Over The World ★★★★☆
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out ★★★½☆
The Cry of the Lone Wolf ★★★★☆
Heartstrings ★★★☆☆
The walls of the world ★★½☆☆
Secret Symphony ★★★★½


Album Analysis :

1.Gold in them Hills

The song’s a toned down elucidation of Ron Sexsmith’s original. It’s just as amazing as the original, actually even better given the magnanimity of Melua’s voice.

2.Better Than a  Dream

A typical Katie Melua track, she’s definitely seen returning to her roots. The lush in the voice and the lyrical magic make the song as opulent as any other of her song. There are simply no words to describe the beauty of the song.

3.The bit that I don’t get

Melua’s voice and the enigma that surrounds it can beat the monotony that is usually seen in albums. This track’s every girl’s inner voice speaking, voicing her speculations and insecurities. Lovely, it is.


Katie Melua sure knows how to save the album from being drab and tedious. A refreshing turn in the genre with blues and jazz, this track’s just amazing. The voice modulation’s different with every song to make it every bit enjoyable.

5.Forgetting All my Troubles

Everything about this track stands out in particular, the lyrics, the light string, the mellow drums, the symphonic voice, just about every element. Arguably, the best track of the album.

6.All over the world

The magic in Melua’s music is seen in every other track, but the artistry and the charm is evident from tracks such as this, the bemoaning of the broken heart on way its closure. It’s impossible not to get lost in its melody.

7.Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

An exceptional bluesy from this album, the song is a never ending dirge of reality that, in no way, fails to hold the interest at any given time. The track’s truly a mystery, given all the transitions in its acoustics throughout the track.

8.The cry of the lone wolf

The track’s a rueful lament of disheartened soul. The track’s wonderfully composed and delicately expressed. Sometimes, words just fail to express the magic that music creates.


It’s difficult not to fall in love with a Katie Melua track but this doesn’t really have anything magical about it, it’s more of a hotchpotch of tracks from her previous albums. But the track, nonetheless, remains pretty likeable.

10.The wall of the World

The song somehow reminds you of Celine Dion in a way, the song’s very typical of Dion’s genre, perhaps truly abiding by the ‘singer’s album’ thing. The track does have elements that are solid evidences of Melua’s work.

11.Secret Symphony

The title track is every bit amazing, wonderful, as every other track. The aching voice is enough to melt you and get you reeling with its heart-breaking elements. A work of a genius, it is.

Secret Symphony’s is definitely one of the best by Katie Melua. The assortment’s momentous and impeccable in its style, collection, deliverance and acoustics. When it’s Mike Batt + Katie Melua, it’s gotta be legendary. Although, a little of more of jazz could have done wonders do the already marvellous piece of work.

Picks from the album:  Better than a dream, forgetting all my troubles, moonshine, secret symphony

Album ★★★★★★★★★☆