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Album : Screaming Bloody Murder
Artist : Sum 41
Genre : Pop-Punk Rock

“Sum 4 1” the Canadian pop-punk band released their fifth studio album named “Screaming Bloody Murder” after four years since the release of their last album “Underclass Hero”. (Yes indeed Underclass Hero was 4 years back time does move on quick). They have always been prominently branded as the agressive pop-punk similar to “Greenday”, the band is greatly influenced by “Blink 182”. The new album however deviates from the traditional pop-punk sound! Lets see how the album fares considering their previous albums “Chuck” and “Underclass Hero” was considered a failure by the critics as well as the fans!


Song Rating
Reason To Believe ★★★★☆
Screaming Bloody Murder ★★★★☆
Skumfuk ★★★½☆
Time For you To go ★★★★☆
Jessica Kill ★★★½☆
What Am I To Say ★★★☆☆
Holy Images Of Lies ★★½☆☆
Sick Of Everyone ★★★★☆
Happiness Machine ★★★½☆
Crash ★★★☆☆
Blood In My Eyes ★★★★☆
Baby you Don’t Wanna Know ★★★☆☆
Back Where I belong ★★★½☆
Exit Song ★★★½☆

“Screaming Bloody Murder” is gonna recieve a mixed reponse in terms of criticism because its way better than their previous album but still not their best. “Chuck” concentrated more on the heavy sounds straying from the traditional pop-punk sounds whereas “Underclass Hero” aimed at a revival of it but produced a vain effort! The album had so many filler segments!

Regrettably nothing much has changed in that regard ! The new album with 14 songs(whew this one’s gonna be tedious) is gonna feel unreasonably boring at times with extra lenght songs! Occasionly i think we can make out that the band’s been trying to ape “Green Day” and “My Chemical Romance”. There are no feel good songs in this album and its hard to know that its from the same band who wrote songs like “Fat Lip” and “With Me”. On listening to the album you can see its been greatly influenced by the figurehead Deryck’s divorce with Avril Lavinge.

1.Reason To Believe

Quite an impressive start for the album , with the military style drums rolls followed by the intense chugging guitar riffs, its beating! However the monotonity of anger and sadness starts right from the first track! Deryck’s voclas are excellent with a lotta variations! Also the inclusion of piano as the song comes to an end to reduce the pace is disingenious!

2.Screaming Bloody Murder

A creative song from the album which strats in a slow tempo but we are soon surprised by mad thumping on the drums and a fast guitar shredding which bolts the speed of the song! Another impressive track, one of the few from the album!The starting lines are epic , “God’s gotta a plan for me, but i’m gonna tell you one thing” ! It was also the first single and title track of the album! The track ends in a similar manner to the previous one with a slow piano tune and reduced pitch in vocals!


As the name suggests another anger filled track in the album it has a slow start and an echoing vioce , just when your getting accustomed to the slow beat(forcefully) Deryck starts screaming! The drums sound heavy and the guitars sound great while filling the bridges! Again a lotta variations seen in the lead singer’s vocals and the Chorus blends in quitely!

4.Time For You To Go

The last few tracks in the impressive first half of the album! However the song sounds a bit lazy than the previous ones! Remember i told you the whole album is inspired by Whibley’s personal experiences off late, this song screams it out! Just the same noise from the guitars and the drums and the chorus is very insignificant to top it Deryck just keeps shouting more than singing!

5.Jessica Kill

I sit and wonder am i listening to “Green Day” or “Sum 41” , they both sound the same, well at least initially ! Although the song reminds you of the heaviness of “Does This Look Infected?” escpecially the chorus ! The song is very fast , a lotta mood sings throughout the album! But the same hatred towards the girl all over the song! A great song musically i wouldn’t call it a feel good but better than the other songs in the album and the drums are really thumping.

6.What Am I To Say

Now here is from where the tracks fall outta place! Starts with an acoustic guitar piece that sounds very ambient. And grows into some deep shenanigans with a dragging vocals and though the song is only four minutes long Einstein’s theory of relativity kicks in, as the song will seem to be going on forever! An attempt for a power ballad i guess that didn’t work out that well.

7.Holy image Of Lies

Whibley make up ur mind, whether your singing a ballad or a punk song?! The song very vague and under-developed! The drumming pattern in that comes to cover the bridge halfway through the song is the only thing worth listening to. A good use of the piano is heard near the end!.

8.Sick Of Everyone

If your a “My Chemical Romance” type you might just like this song,one of the few best tracks from the album! Quite an interesting song and won’t get boring like its forerunners. Impressive chorus and the guitars at the bridge also the vocals are imposing!

9.Happiness Machine

Starts with a very cliched lyrics of any angry heartbroken song which goes “Take my breath away, I don’t need them anymore”. Sounds like the song’s been hastily done with a lotta ideas out forward to it but few shot down! Deryck does a good work with the vocals the chorus and the instruments could have been worked on!


One of the few songs which gives the impression that band is influenced by “Green Day” another outta place filler track in the album. Another song accounting Whibley’s bad luck with Avril but i think we have already heard enough of it! Its filled with the sounds of acoustic guitar and the piano giving it the sorrow feel!

11.Blood In My Eyes

And so the punk elements again comes from the dead from the band! The sppedy shredding of the guitar is really astounding and the vocals are at its best! Sounds like crescendo after listening to “Crash”. Looks like the devil inside Deyrck has woken up! Oh and by the album still doesn’t end yet! 😐

12.Baby You Don’t Wanna Know

Sounds very Inde pop type, pretty much like a single from the “Jet” . The guitars in the background are good but the song is just so lazy and quite awefull!

13.Back Where I belong

No the album’s not done yet! Seriously the band would have much better off with just the 6 to 8 tracks. Whatever forced them to do 14 tracks ?! Tries to sound hardcore which is only supported by the occasional screams from Whibley! The drum roll ending is quite catchy.

14.Exit Song

Ah yes the finish of the album nicely done with an epilogue style musical, very soft very short it has to be after all the long 13 tracks!

So the verdict is the album would have really got good reviews if they weren’t too ambitious and desperate for a comeback releasing 14 songs all together! I really enjoyed the first half but the interest died as the track numbers kept increasing! However compared to “Uknown Hero” i guess this scores better but a lot was expected from the band and the fans are gonna be disappointed!