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First things first. Goodbye to Zakk wylde and welcome Gus G. I have to say this is a step forward cause Zakk dividing time between the band and his own troupe ‘Black Label Society’ hasn’t been of much help to the band.

All the songs have been structured well, with thrash sounding riffs and excellent leads; the making of good quality music I must say.

Album ★★★★☆

Song Rating
Let it die ★★★½☆
Let me hear you scream ★★★★☆
Soul sucker ★★★★☆
Life won’t wait ★★★½☆
Diggin’ me down ★★★★½
Crucify ★★★½☆
Fearless ★★★☆☆
Time ★★★★½
I want it more ★★★½☆
Latimer’s mercy ★★★☆☆
I love you all ★★★½☆

Let it die – I was at first amazed at the poor quality of the song at the starting but amazing lead lines and the beats that start to kick in after 4 mins has probably saved this song. The melodic chorus sort of gels with the ozzy style lyrics.

Let me hear you scream – The first single of the album; probably not their best but they’ve done a good job here. At first I actually thought it was Zakk on the guitar, Gus has pulled off an extraordinary performance.

Soul Sucker – Ok half the people may not like this song but it’s something that gonna stick in your head whether you like it or not. The song has a Sabbath-esque heaviness and a yet another good chorus from Ozzy. Gus kicks up the tempo at just about the end of 2 mins and delivers yet another splendid solo.

Life won’t wait – Ozzy slows down the pace of this power ballad. Song writing is awesome as always, as he describes mortality in this melodic tune. After 3 mins Gus takes over and you can just about feel the heaviness kick in. Another brilliant solo.

Diggin’ me down – The song starts off like diary of a madman, but then goes into full throttle Sabbath mode. The song is about the absence of Jesus and Ozzy’s chorus is just out of this world; while Gus brings on some heavy riffing. I have to say this is one of their best song in a while.

Crucify – Ozzy introduces himself as the devil in this hard rocker and Gus shows more and more resemblance to Zakk wylde but nonetheless a superb solo.

Fearless – Another rocker but the song is quite similar to crucify; I couldn’t figure out if the previous song was over. A decent song but definitely not up to the standards of Ozzy.

Time – If any song had to compete with diggin’ me down to win the best song of the album I’d have to say this is it. The song starts off in old school Ozzy style and kicks into the chorus. Another song about our short on Earth; the tune reminds me of Dreamer. The solo is just mind blowing.

I want it more – Another solid rocker going up on the tempo. Song writing is as amazing as ever; “Inch by inch over old bones, Shaking hands with the dead souls, You make your deal and the weight grows, Anything to get what you want”. The song is about being careful whilst making a wish. The way the tempo changes at right after 4 mins and goes into a slow piano tune and back again is plain genius.

Latimer’s mercy – The song starts off well but I got lost midway through the verse. Not the song I was expecting after Diggin’ and Time. The riff repeats over and over and Gus most definitely isn’t at his best.

I love you all – A decent tune to signal the end of this wonderful journey. A perfect sendoff from Ozzy. Another example of brilliant song writing.

The album may not reach the Godlike levels that Ozzy did with Randy Rhoads around but this is definitely a move up from where he was. The years may be catching up on Ozzy, but he has showed no signs of slowing down.