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The Danish band formed in the year 1988, are tremendously popular for their soft rock music. With a major fan following from Asia, this band has sold over 11 million records worldwide, which is quite an impressive number. Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) have won numerous award and have gold and platinum status for their records to their credit.

Their eighth studio album named ‘Scandinavia’ released on 30th June 2012. The first single from their album ‘Renovate my life’ has been sizzling on the charts since the time it was released. Let’s look at the eleven songs in the album and see how impressive will this album prove to be –

Song name Rating
Renovate my life ★★★★☆
Any way you want it ★★★★½
Space commander ★★★½☆
Heaven is my alibi ★★★½☆
Please forgive me ★★★½☆
Hanging on ★★★☆☆
Shanghaid in Tokyo ★★★½☆
Crazy world ★★★☆☆
Make me feel ★★★★½
Icebreaker ★★★☆☆
Scandinavia ★★★★☆


1. Renovate my life -: 

What a calm and soothing track! The band continues to follow their soft rock music which perfectly matches the lyrics and vocals making this one a very pleasant track to listen to. This is one of those tracks which will make you immerse yourself completely in the aura which this four and a half minute song creates and the music of this track will just motivate you to listen to the entire album. A good start to the album.

2. Any way you want it -:

 Staying faithful to the kind of music MLTR makes, it definitely looks like the band hasn’t made any effort to experiment. But, this isn’t a bad thing as their songs still sound stupendous.

This track is not only bewitching but it’s one of those track which can get you teary. Listen to this track and you will find yourself falling all over in love again with this band.

3. Space commander -:

 Fast upbeats start this track and the sound of it will continue to ring in your head till the end. It sounds very retro, like those old Abba songs, never the less it is still a track worth listening to.

4. Heaven is my alibi -:

 A slow and soft start to the track which evidently sets the mood for the rest of the track. As charming as the lyrics get the music tends to make this one a very sombre track.

5. Please forgive me -:

Another pleasing and perfect track to listen to on a rainy day. Even though the beats of the track don’t lift up the mood of the track it’s still a good listen especially for it’s melancholy lyrics. It’s beautifully written.

6. Hanging on -:

Just halfway through and none of the songs have been disappointing. This track on other hand is a lovely one but the music is slow compared to other tracks hence it’s not a track which will reach out and loved by everyone unlike the others.

7. Shanghaid in Tokyo -:

 If you were hoping to listen to some pop rock music, this track is the one you should listen to. The vocals sound a lot like Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine. The music too will remind you a lot of Maroon 5! It’s a fun track in all with some great music stored in for you.

8. Crazy world -:

 This one isn’t that captivating as the others, as the tune is quite monotonous. On other hand listen to this track for it’s lyrics, it’s amusing.

9. Make me feel -:

 A nice lazy track with some heart warming wordings makes this one of the best works by MLTR. This one is a must listen as the song is absolutely melodious.

10. Icebreaker -:

 You can’t help but think how much this song sounds like those good old ’80’s song! With a little bit of sluggish music followed by happy beats during the chorus, makes it a typical MLTR track.

11. Scandinavia -:

 This track supposedly sums up the entire album. The track describes the emotions of the MLTR band members when they are away from home, on a tour. The lyrics captures the entire essence which makes this one an apt way to end the album.

Verdict – : Scandinavia is a splendid album by MLTR. Though there is hardly any experimentation in their music, the tracks still manage to make you want to listen to them all over again. ‘Any way you want it’, ‘Make me feel’ and ‘Scandinavia’ are the best tracks in the album, something you will never get bored listening to. As said by band member Mikkel, in an interview with Dailystar, this album is a very personal one for them, hence this personal touch makes the album more appealing to the audience.

Listen to the entire album, you will not regret it.

Overall ★★★★★★★★☆☆