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Satyamevajayate is a social reality programme by Amir Khan Productions and also hosted by Amir Khan, based on country’s ignored problems which are really serious and severe. It looks to expose the various social evils that the common man has to endure on a daily basis.

Song Singers Rating
Satyameva Jayate Ram Sampath, Keertisangathia ★★★½☆
Chirraiyaa SwanandKirkire, Ram Sampath ★★★★☆
Hauley hauley Ram sampath ★★★½☆
Rupaiyya Sona Mohapatra ★★★★☆
Masoom si  naav zindagi Ram Sampath ★★★☆☆
Ghar yaad aata hai Sona Mohapatra ★★★☆☆


1. Satyameva jayate

Music director: – Ram Sampath

Singers: – Ram Sampath, KeerthiSangathia

Lyrics: – Prasoon Joshi

It is theme song of this TV show and it is inspirational. It inspires you about your country and says try to face and solve problems of your country. “Give me enough power that I can fight for rights of my people and my country”. I will do whatever possible for my country. There is a lot of corruption in our nation but finally truth wins always, SatyamevaJayate,  this is what the song conveys.


2. Chiraiyya

Music director: – Ram Sampat

Singers: – SwanandKirkire, SwanandKirkire

Lyrics: – SwanandKirkire

It is a song that expresses regret and anguish. It is a metaphorical song. All the women are compared to chiraiyya which literally translates to chidiya. This song especially has been written against female foeticide. The lyrics express the great regret for the girl child who dies before coming into this beautiful world and against female foeticide in India. It is very beautiful song and touches your heart.


3. Hauley Hauley

Music director: – Ram Sampath

Singer: – Ram Sampath

Lyrics: – Svati Chakravarti

It is a song against child sexual abuse. It describes the shocking condition of people who have suffered sexual abuse during their childhood. It is a perfect song which explains their state of mind and their emotional condition of those  who have suffered child sex abuse. They fear their childhood, but now it is time to demand justice against that people who ruin their childhood.


4. Rupaiyya

Music director: – Ram Sampath

Singers: – SonaMahapatra

Lyrics: – SwanandKirkire

It has very enthusiastic music and it exudes confidence. This song is a war cry against the social evil of dowry. This song shows that if marriage system is based on the contract of money then “I don’t need this marriage to live, I can survive in this world without any life partner.” This song says money cannot buy any girl anymore and they can fight against it. This song is a tirade against the dowry system


5. Masoom Si Naav Zindagi

Music director: – Ram sampath

Singer: – Ram Sampath

Lyrics: – Suresh Bhatia

This is very soft song and music is also very sweet. It is song about medical malpractices. Every person trust doctors as they are said to be on par with God because they save many lives. But their carelessness and arrogance have stained this white collar “business”. So this song is request for these doctors to stop playing with our lives.


6. Ghar yaad aata hai mujhe

Music director: – Ram Sampath

Singers: – Sona Mahapatra

Lyrics: – Svati Chakravarti, Suresh Bhatia

This song describes the situation wherein the parents disown their own children because of love marriages. This song is also dedicated to these people who left their homes for love and unaccepted by their people. So this song deals with the emotions of these people, who misses their home and want to go back but they cannot.



All the songs in this TV Show have some deep emotions behind their lyrics and very touchy. Music of all songs are also very soft and each and every song has a story behind it. The lyrics are pretty thought provoking.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆