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Cast : Ravi Teja,Kajal Agarwal,Richa Gangopadhyay,Jayasudha,MS Narayana

Music : Devi Sri Prasad

Lyrics : Ramjogayya Sastry,Srimani,Chandrabose,Anantha Sriram

Story : Parasuram

Screenplay : Parasuram

Direction : Parasuram

Track Name Singers Rating
Made For Each Other Devi Sri Prasad ★★★½☆
Jaga Jaga Venu,Ranina Reddy ★★½☆☆
Gusa Gusa Sagar,Sunitha ★★★½☆
Raccha Rambola Javed Ali,Rita ★★½☆☆
Kaatuka Kallu Khushi Murali,Shwetha Mohan,Chinnaponnu ★★★☆☆

Album Analysis :

Made For Each Other

Singers : Devi Sri Prasad

This is routine DSP stuff.The lyrics by Ramjogayya Sastry are user-friendly on the ears.The tune is very peppy with no complex mixings.DSP takes the mantle of vocals as well and that might just be a catalyst in providing that ‘heard before’ feel.However,this song has enough pep to be in the charts.Album’s best !

Jaga Jaga

Singers : Venu,Ranina Reddy

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prelude makes us anxious but the tune just falls flat.There is not even a trace of innovation in this track and the tune and arrangements are non-catchy.Ranina Reddy tries her best to help this track but all other factors hardly work.Give it a miss !

Gusa Gusa

Singers : Sagar,Sunitha

“Gusa Gusa” starts with a whistle prelude and turns out to be a typical DSP fare.The song is easy on the years and the slow beats work.This song forms quite an impression with its slow,rythmic tune and the minute instrumentations deserve a mention.Lyrics by Anantha Sriram is pleasing.Overall,a decent effort !

Raccha Rambola

Singers : Javed Ali,Rita

The weakest track of the album ! “Raccha Rambola” gives you the ‘heard before’ feel all the time.The second stanza resembles very closely to the ‘Kafirana’ song from ‘Joker’.There is nothing new in the singing front,the beats are similar to most of DSP’s song.A miss !

Kaatuka Kallu

Singers : Khushi Murali,Shwetha Mohan,Chinnaponnu

“Kaatuka Kallu” starts with a folkish-prelude by Chinnaponnu followed by the beats which you might have heard 100 times before(No,seriously its so familiar to his previous tunes).The only bright spark in this song is Shwetha Mohan’s singing.She literally holds the entire song together.The tune,beats & everything is so reminiscent of “Yenna Solla Pora” from “Venghai”.A disappointment !

DSP seriously needs to reinvent himself like he did in albums like “Oosareveli”,”100% Love”,”Manmadha Banam”.He has not tried anything new of-late and he persists with his tried and tested tunes.Commercially,they might still appeal but offers nothing to the musical value of the album.He has had hits this year with “Gabbar Singh”,”Julayi” but the variety seems to be shrinking.Also,the male singers who sing under him consciously or not,sound like DSP himself which I guess should be avoided.

Picks of the album : Made For Each Other,Gusa Gusa

Album Verdict : DSP – redundancy ! Too much recycling !

Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆