The San Diego native, April Kae corroborates that she is here to stay and never “Running” away. Not only does April have the looks of a classic Southern California beauty but also has the stunning vocals to match. She is a former American Idol contestant, preparing to make her mark on the music world.

 April Kae surpassed my initial expectations, with her sultry colossal voice, which is demonstrated through her current singles “Writings on the Wall” and “Running (Let Me Go Away)”.  Trust me go download from iTunes now, you won’t regret it.

April Kae

 “Writings on The Wall” displays the fun side of April Kae with amusing pop hooks influenced with some slight R&B resonances. The chorus instantly snags a hold of you, with its catchy melodies and hypnotic lyrics. April also recently released a video for the single now on YouTube. The music video shows the dominate diva side of April Kae, as she is being stood-up and moving on from it. The video shows April Kae getting over her heartbreak while partying it up with her friends in Vegas getting over her old fella. I also stumbled upon a blooper video for “Writings on the Wall”, which displayed the fun side of April and made me appreciate her work and personality even more.

 Her current single “Running (Let Me Go Away)” is definitely more of an upbeat party, a departure from her first single, and has inspiration from current dance tracks. It definitely shows a growth from her first single as her vocals show more power and a sense of crispness. The lyrics are still dazzling; however, they have more of an emotional tie compared to “Writings on The Wall”.

 She is undeniably an artist to watch out for. My biggest criticism is that I would love to see more of her R&B and soul roots displayed, with such a powerful voice it would be great to see her go for it. You can hear that inspiration in her tracks slightly but to hear it full out would be something exceptional.

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 Written By Brandon Hansen