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Artist: Sammy Hakim

Genre(s): Pop, country

Sammy Hakim, an eighteen year old musician from Virginia, has the potential to go places! The artist, who started composing her own songs at the age of thirteen, is her own person. She writes her own songs and plays a variety of instruments, from the guitar, piano to the violin and ukulele. Her EPs includeLocked You Out and Sammy; the latter of which was released on the 15th of October, 2013 on Lamon Records Nashville.

Listening to Sammy’s songs felt like listening to her musical journey… and while it’s not without bumps, there’s definite insights, originality and growth along the way!


Track Rating
This Christmas Love Me  ★★★★☆
Get A Little Closer ★★★½☆
Front Porch Kisses ★★★★½
Warm ★★★☆☆
As Good As ★★★★☆
Mark Me ★★★½☆
Locked You Out ★★½☆☆
About You ★★★½☆
Stop ★★★★☆
Remember Me ☆☆☆☆☆
LOL ★★★½☆
Falling in Place ★★½☆☆

1. This Christmas Love Me

With fast beats, strumming, Sammy’s throaty vocals and the lyrics that are as Christmassy as it gets- this song definitely gets you in the holiday mood! It’s sparkly and fun and feels like an optimistic, loosely connected sequel to the classic Christmas track Last Christmas.

2. Get a Little Closer

Get a Little Closer felt kind of generic. It is the kind of song that wouldn’t feel out of place on any pop/country record. It’s predictably edgy, with vocals that scream country and is overall easy on the ears!

3. Front Porch Kisses

Made of teenage swoon. This is ridiculously happy music! The kind that has you doing a crazy dance in your head and could easily find its place in a teen movie soundtrack. Sammy’s breathy vocals are perfect for this kind of a song as it’s meant to sound fresh, dreamy and free of inhibitions!

4. Warm

The opening notes set the stage for this wistful and heartbreaking song. Parts of this ballad, particularly the line “and now she keeps you warm” are wonderfully heart tugging while other parts, particularly a high note or two comes off sounding a little jarring.Bumps aside, you can really feel the singer bear her soul in this one!

5. As Good As

Can we cheer for this girl? As Good As is a cheerless, goodbye song set around a rather cheerful-sounding and catchy chorus. The lyrics feel raw and straight-up confessional in nature, particularly at the chorus, where Sammy seems to be in her element! “There will never be another as good as me.”

6. Mark Me

This track is a whirlpool of memories of firsts, young love and a yearning for what had once been. It reminded me of a Taylor Swift song, with the overall sound and diary-entry like rendition! Sammy’s vocals are spot on here. Perfect for this kind of a song.

7. Locked You Out

Locked You Out is much slower with a chorus that shows no mercy! I can’t make up my mind about this song. On one hand, it has a great hook but on the other hand, the background vocals/instrumentals, particularly when the song reaches its peak, felt on the brink of an overkill.

8. About You

Definitely minimalist and original in terms of instrumentation! About You feels genuine and there’s nothing more captivating than a wide-eyed, straight-from-the-heart tribute to someone you’re falling for. The singer sounds a lot younger here.

9. Stop

Acutesy song that might resonate with the younger crowd. It’s about a relationship that’s in the all-tease mind games phase! “The way you keep twisting my heart/I’m surprised it’s not broken.”

10. Remember Me

This track is very mellow. It takes you to a hopeful, happy place! The instrumentals are a particular stand-out here.

11. LOL

A fun song that’s as breezy and light as it gets! A little too bubblegum pop, maybe, but in hindsight, leaves a pretty empowering message! 

12. Falling in Place

Another track where the singer renders herself vulnerable, wearing her heart on her sleeve as she falls helplessly and hopelessly in love. While there were parts of the song that would resonate with anyone, owing to the lyrics and the vocals that really work here… it loses its steam mid-way and overall, remains a moderately enjoyable track.

Final thoughts: Does Sammy have what it takes to make it big? While there’s a long road ahead of her… she certainly has the range, the zeal and dedication… that much is unmistakable. From songs like This Christmas Love Me that get your holiday spirits up, Front Porch Kisses, Mark Meand LOL that are as cutesy as they are fresh and candid to the more generic yet radio-friendly Come a Little Closer, Sammy definitelyseems to be worth watching out for!

Verdict: Worth watching out for, that’s for sure!

Stand-out tracks: This Christmas Love Me, Front Porch Kisses, Mark Me, As Good As, LOL

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆