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Samar is an upcoming Tamil film starring Vishal, Trisha and Sunaina in the lead. The movie is directed by Thiru and the music has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Let us check out how the songs have turned out.

Song Rating
Azhago Azhagu ★★★½☆
Oru Kannil Vegam ★★★☆☆
Poikaal Kudhirai ★★★☆☆
Rajavin Thottathil ★★★☆☆
Vellai Mayil ★★★☆☆

Azhago Azhagu
Singer – Naresh Iyer

The album starts off with a fresh and catchy song. It is a typical Yuvan melody on the lines of ‘Thuli thuli’ from ‘Paiyya’.¬†Naresh Iyer is an apt choice for this song. It is sure to catch up to the audience very soon mainly because of the catchy and nice tune. Though you don’t listen to something very new, it is a refreshing and good to hear song. A great start to the album.

Oru Kannil Vegam
Singers – K.G. Ranjith, Naveen Madhav, Suchitra

So here we have, a hero introduction kind of song. This one is again a typical ‘Yuvan’ish song with interesting bass arrangements along with techno instruments and a catchy tune. It is a good hear again. The lead singers quite do their job well in bringing out the song well.

Poikaal Kudhirai
Singers – Yuvan Shankar Raja

This one is another techno and fast paced song like the previous song. This one sounds better and has the composer himself singing it. It isn’t new to see Yuvan singing but with this one, he seems to have improved his singing. The song is overall a good listen and well composed.

Rajavin Thottathil
Singers – K.G. Ranjith, Rita

This song is another fast paced song that sounds quite similar to the previous song. In fact, it is a rehash of the previous song with slight changes especially in lyrics where you get to hear ‘rendu kaal horse’ instead of ‘poikaal kudhirai’. Like the previous song, this one is also a good hear with more emphasis on the instrumentals. This one has a good scope of becoming a regular party song.

Vellai Mayil
Singers – Udit Narayan, Shwetha Menon

Udit Narayan is a great singer. But I have been particularly not a fan of his singing in Tamil. Pronunciation plays a key role in making a song good and ‘listen’able. Somehow Udit Narayan messes up with it often and this song is no exception. Though having a great tune and brilliant female lead singer for this, Yuvan could have probably gone for a different male singer. The song as such is a great duet composed very well by Yuvan. The appeal could have been better if it had a different male singer. Otherwise its a great listen.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

Verdict: This album is a treat for Yuvan fans. All the songs are catchy and well composed. Yuvan has done a great job and he deserves a congratulatory note. It is however not his best. But still, go for it and you wont be disappointed. A cool album with peppy songs having great tunes is guaranteed entertainment.

Pick of the album – Azhago azhagu, Rajavin thottathil