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A liberated anthem emerges from the international sensation, Salome Pacific, who embodies the persona of an independent, self-assured woman in her new music video for her debut single, “Beautiful and Strong.” The Kenya born pop singer is happily releasing her soul to the world in a track that is not only a lyrically powerful, but accompanied by an entertaining visual with her new music video.

Salome expresses her struggles and mentions those who haven’t believed in her in the past showing them that she is more than a pretty face. The song is about letting go of the negativity derived from others and believing in yourself, even if no one else does. Her emotional strength is evident in the way she sings each chorus. Further adding her heart to the track, Salome includes Swahili in several lines that just complete the sound from the international star.

Complementing the resilient ballad is her debut music video, which includes breathtaking scenery that takes your breath away in lust. The dreamy video depicts the story of an out of the ordinary love, which has you intrigued from start to finish.

“Beautiful and Strong” is now available on iTunes for download along with the music video streaming now on YouTube. Looking forward to following this journey of the beautiful Salome Pacific.