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Artist: Tyrone Wells

Genre: Acoustic pop

Lyrics: Tyrone Well, Jason Mraz

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‘Running around my dreams’ was recorded by Tyrone Wells for the album, ‘Metal and Wood.’ The album spent nearly three weeks at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter album chart, with the track ‘Running Around In My Dreams’ topping the song chart.

Some amazing strings give the song its beginning and remain equally striking until the ending. An acoustic pop, in every sense of the word. A peppy, catchy song dedicated to all those hopeless romantics out there. It’s about how you finally find ‘the one’, the one running around in your head all day, all night long.

The song is an absolute joy, with all the energy the artist has to offer concentrated in the way the song is delivered keeping in mind the genre in mind. The song flows like the river and passes by like a pleasant dream. It is sure to run in your head for quite a while and is sure to influence your mood through and through. One contagious song that you’ve listen to in a long time (no pun intended).

The lyrics are detailed and tell you quite a story there. They complement the acoustics and the vocals just fine. Something that the track is the versatility as it progresses. Though the song gets its prominence by its peppy notes, it kind of gets monotonous without any change in beats mid way round. Not much of a difference though, to the essence of the track.

Album verdict : A fresh track with a fresh voice.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆