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Production: Sri Valli Film
Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Aishwarya, Gayathri, Iniko Prabhakar
Story, Screenplay, Direction: K Balakrishnan
Music : D Imman
Cinematography: C Prem Kumar
: Raja Mohammed
Lyrics : Yugabharathi

Rummy is the directorial debut of Balakrishnan and the film features Vijay Sethupathi along with the likes of Gayathri, Inigo Prabhakaran and Iyshwarya. Music is by Imman and all the songs are written by Yugabharathi.


Koodamela  Koodavechi ★★★★☆

Singers : V.V.Prasanna , Vandan Srinivasan

Lyrics :  Yugabharathi

Starts with a harp and clinging bell sounds  to create a track beautifully rendered by Prasanna and Vandana. The listener will spontaneously go for it due to the pleasant appeal in-terms of music and the lyric that fills in. The arrangement consisting of Cello, Solo violin and massive Chennai string orchestra responds to your question “can it compared to any other tracks ?”. Yes, indeed these days, Imman has been caught by the Ilayaraja Bug. Nevertheless, this song  holds you like a hug.

Adiye enna raagam ★★★★½

Singers : Abhay Jodhpurkar,Poornima Sathish

Lyrics : Yugabharathi

Imman  masters in creating a perfect semi-classical song, which starts with kutcheri-centric alaapana hummed by Poornima  in very  authentic way and this is followed by folk melody, which means you will be influenced by IR for sure. Abhay haunts you with his voice and the flute, cow bells, folk drum, banjo used are effective.

Oru Nodi ★★★★☆

Singers : D.Imman,Divya Ramani

Lyrics : Yugabharathi

Imman steps in with some earthly stuff in terms of the arrangements and the song to mention. He does a good job with Divya Ramani, by taking us to a different world filled with sounds of shenaai, classical synth, strings. The female lead is sure to go places soon and full score to the composer for choosing her.

Yethukkaaga Yenna Neeyum ★★★★☆

Singers: Santhosh Hariharan A V Pooja

Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Just like how Ilayaraja had done rhythm-oriented songs in his times, Imman treads the same line with this contemporary song based in Malayamarutha raagam and adding further colour to it, are the voices of Santhosh and Pooja with the guitar and violin working out seamlessly in the background.

Yethukkaaga Yenna Neeyum (Instrumental) ★★★★½

Violinist Karthik Iyer strikes the gong with his solo performance and the track provides a big stage for him to improvise on the melody . Infact, you can endlessly listen to the instrumental ,which is tight-packed and engaging.

Picks of the album All the songs !! No doubt about that.

Bottomline Imman’s success stamp is present in the albums that have been releasing in the recent times and he proves his mettle yet again. Unlike other albums which had atleast one proper  soft kuthu song , this has just melodies with different facets and no track can be compared to the other. Looking forward to more of Imman’ish hits in the future.

Musicperk Rating – ★★★★★★★★½☆