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A voice so powerful, you are spellbound instantly, lyrics that have you interested from the start, a first rate back up band that enhances the magic of every score – You Just Watch Me is everything you expect from a voice as classic as Rosemary Butler, and a bit more. This is an amalgam of all the experience she has gained through years of back up singing and performing alongside greats like Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Carole King, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and many more.


A classic rock meets Americana album, with universal appeal,You Just Watch Me has you tapping your feet without even realizing it. From a very seductive title track to a club sound in “New Mexico Cadillac”, she has you hooked with her amazing vocal skills. If you don’t join in singing halfway through, that’ll be a great surprise. For the song “Travel My Love,” Rosemary teamed up with her longtime friend, Jackson Browne to help complete the backing vocals, giving the song a stellar sound.

For the album’s lead single, Rosemary Butler and Kenny Loggins sing his classic, “That’s When I Find You”, making for a terrific duet. The comfort level of both vocalists through years of making music together shines through the track making it one of the best numbers on the album. Organs, drums and two powerful voices make this track one which listeners are bound to replay, over and over again. With a very upbeat tempo, and awesome energy, this is a song that will surely get you out of the blues. Close your eyes and imagine driving on the highway with this number blaring from your car stereo, I guarantee you’ll love it. Butler then takes a more piano-based, ballad approach during her rendition of the Tina Turner classic “What’s Love Got To Do With It”.

Rosemary Butlerhas a powerhouse of talent, musical training, and experience; she really is the whole package! If you are looking for an album that has a bit of ballads, some blues, rock instruments and real funky sound, then You Just Watch Me is perfect for you. With amazing percussion, lovely strings, and even the tuba making its appearance, this is world sound, made in the US.

Listening to the force and energy in her voice when she croons is a totally exhilarating experience, and not just when you

listen to it the first time. The beats surround you, the lyrics mesmerize you. Dear Lady with the blue eyes – thank you, thank you and thank you!