This movie starring Ranbir Kapoor is in the news for all the right reasons. The promos of ‘Sadda Haq’, ‘Jo Bhi Main’ etc have generated a great deal of curiosity and buzz about how the music is going to turn out and also due to the fact that the music is done by none other than the genius, A.R.Rahman. So, has the music lived up to its humongous expectations? Lets find out.

Track Name Artists Rating
Phir Se ud Chala Mohit Chauhan ★★★½☆
Jo Bhi Main Mohit Chauhan ★★★★½
Katiya Karun Harshdeep Kaur ★★★½☆
Kun Faya Kun A.R.Rahman, Javed Ali ★★★★½
Sheher Main Mohit Chauhan, Rahman ★★★★☆
Hawaa Hawaa Mohit Chauhan, Tanvi Shah ★★★★½
Aur Ho Mohit Chauhan, Alma Ferovic ★★★★☆
Tum Ko Kavita Subramaniam ★★★½☆
Nadaan Parindey A.R.Rahman, Mohit Chauhan ★★★★★
Tum Ho Mohit Chauhan , Suzanne D’ Mello ★★★★☆
Sadda Haq Mohit Chauhan ★★★★★
Tango for Taj [Instrumental] ★★★½☆
Dichotomy of fame [Instrumental] ★★★½☆
Meeting Place Ranbir Kapoor N/A


1.Phir se ud Chala:  The album starts off with ‘Phir se ud chala’, a breezy feel good song sung by Mohit Chauhan. The song is light on instruments. Mohit Chauhan improvises on the tune beautifully with several short aalaps. This song also breaks the regular Mukhda-Antara or Pallavi-Charanam format. I loved everything about the song except the synth beats which tamper with the song’s flow.  A decent start to the album

2.Jo Bhi Main:  Lo and Behold! Rahman brings Progressive Rock to India. This song evokes a pensive and a psychedelic feel to it. The heavy bass and rock beats are delightful. Mohit’s groovy vocals and the chorus of ‘Ya ya ya’ complement the song beautifully. The use of organ truly lends it a ‘progressive rock’ live concert feel. Lyrics penned by Irshad Kamil deserve a special mention here. This one’s a la Pink Floyd. Beautiful.

3.Katiya Karun:   An extremely catchy Punjabi song that catches your interest in the very first listening. This is a naughty , peppy song rendered pretty well by Harshdeep Kaur(of ‘Ik Onkar’ ,Rang De Basanti fame). The mood of the song changes suddenly towards the end and the song adopts a romantic feel. The piano transition is beautiful. Nice one.

4.Kun Faya Kun:  We all know Rahman’s prowess in Qawwalis.  Rahman, once again stamps his class all over this one. Sung with devout sincerity, Rahman himself goes behind the mike with ample support from Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan. I would rate this on par or even better than the famous ‘Khwaja mere Khwaja’ . The seamless integration of acoustic guitar into the harmonium and tablas just reinforces Rahman’s genius. Brilliant and an elaborate composition.

5.Sheher main:   This seems to be a situational track. About how a music director supervises the recording of a song . A very innovative song interspersed with dialogue exchanges. Has a very likeable tune that is rendered nicely by Karthik and Mohit Chauhan. The public will love this for sure. Thumbs up.

6. Hawa Hawa:  What a composition!! Mind blowing stuff. This is a song that is picturized among the gypsies as revealed by Imtiaz Ali himself. This song has so many foreign influences that collude to produce a sumptuous treat to the ears. This song has been intricately designed just like an artist designs his masterpiece. It has expert usage of violins, well drawn out interludes with some inspiring classical guitar, dulcimer work. The chord progressions are lovely and the tune has a retro feel to it. This is a typical Rahman composition. You may not like this the first time. But new layers will unfold themselves everytime you listen to this. Will take time to grow on you. But only Rahman can produce something so extraordinary.

7.Aur Ho:   One word: haunting. This is song on the lines of ‘Behne De’ from Raavan. Mohit Chauhan exhibits an amazing range. The treble portions of the song and the riffs of electric guitar in the background  are the highlights. The supporting vocals by Alma Ferovic  infuses the song with melancholy. So far, this album has been nothing short of great.

8. Tum Ko:  This is a typical romantic song. This song marks the return of the famous Kavita Subramaniam. This a soft ballad like songs with soothing vocals and mellow instrumentation. It’s a feel good song with some interesting instruments like Tabla that give this a ‘Ghazal’ish effect.  It has beautiful use of strings, piano and truly conjures a blissful ambience.

9.Nadaan Parindey:  Soft Rock! Starts off with a deep choir and electric guitar playing in the background. Then Sivamani takes over with his effervescent drum play.  The Rahman weaves his magic with his voice. This song has a distinct bass and has some amazing lead guitar work by Sanjeev Thomas. Mohit Chauhan yet again displays his skill with smooth vocals. The guitar harmonies, the chord progressions, the drum play, the bass work, the amazing vocals. This song has it all! Top notch arrangement.

10. Tum Ho:  This is the male version of ‘Tum ko’. Set at a faster tempo , this song is slight better than the female version. Despite having the same tune, Rahman has tried to make this as different as possible. Mohit scores once again with his urbane voice.

11. Sadda Haq:    Ah! Finally we arrive at the most expected song. The promos of this song have scorched the screen and having been receiving rave reviews. So is the final product worth all the hype? OH YEAH! This song is all set to be the ‘Youth Anthem of the year’. Starts off with an anthemish feel, with deliberately slow vocals and male choir. The tension steadily builds up and then it explodes. With some overpowering distortion and drum beats the song throbs with limitless energy. Special thanks to the world-class guitarist Orianthi, who has been roped in by Rahman. The guitar interludes are extremely creative. This is a typical anti-establishment song that reminds us of the 70-80’s Rock era in the U.S. The lyrics are a major feature too. I especially loved these lines.  “Kyun sach ka sabak sikhaye, jab sach sun bhi na paaye.  Sach koi bole to tu, Niyam Kanoon bataye.Tera Dar, Tera Pyar, Teri wah Tuhi rakh.” Whose rough translation is “Why do you preach truth, when you cannot listen to it. And when someone tells the truth, you bind them with rules and laws. Keep your fear, love and appreciation to yourself damnit.” Epic.

12. Tango for Taj:    The first of the two instrumentals. With some beautiful piano play, the accordion and the piano complement each other remarkably well. The piano sounds funny at some parts. The tune is very amusing. However, a nice one.

13. Dichotomy of fame:  This is a jugalbandi between guitar and shehnai. The shehnai parts are beautiful with the guitar supporting it very well. However it could have been slightly longer.

14. Meeting place:    This is a poem of Romi that is narrated by Ranbir Kapoor with mellow chords playing in the background. Nothing much to say.


This album is an epic creation. It has everything from Progressive rock to soft rock to hard rock to qawwalis, romantic numbers, folk music, haunting songs, Arabic, Spanish music. This album is a cornucopia of several musical styles and influences. Mohit Chauhan deserves special mention. This may well be the break away album for him. A.R.Rahman once again proves his genius. In future references, when there are discussions and arguments for India’s greatest composer ever, Rockstar may be one of those albums that might tilt the balance in Rahman’s favour.

Verdict: This album  is a celebration of Rahman’s genius. Take a bow, Sir.


Album :★★★★★★★★★☆