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Music Director / Composer : Salim – Sulaiman

Lyrics : Amitabh Battacharaya 

I'm sure we all remember Ainvayi Ainvayi and Tarkeebein and how it made every one shake a leg , well the duo behind the Band Baaja Baaraat album has come back once to save the Ranveer – Anushka pair but this time are they lucky again?! The BBB album had 6 original tracks whereas Ricky B vs Ladies comes with only 4 original and 2 remix tracks (I have been shown some mercy). Somehow music directors these days seem to be unfazed by the expectations after their preceding success or is it that the pressure is crushing their creativity! 

Well actually these two have done a commendable job compared to the other movie albums which are out! There are no fast numbers like Ainvayi Ainvayi in this album (Yeah even I'm disappointed) but there are quite a few tracks worth moving and shaking your thing! There are neither very dull or extremely romantic tracks either well that's the bright side of the album.
Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Song Artist Rating
Aadat Se Majboor Benny Dayal, Ranveer Singh ★★★★☆
Jazba Shilpa Rao ★★★½☆
Thug Le Vishal Dadlani, Swetha Pandit ★★★★☆
Jigar Ka Thukda Salim Merchant, Shraddha Pandit ★★★☆☆
Fatal Attraction Salim-Sulaiman ★★★½☆
Aadat Se Majboor(Remix) Benny Dayal ★★½☆☆
Jazba Remix Anushka Machanda ★★½☆☆

1. Aadat Se Majboor

Oh yes Benny Dayal we missed you! A very lively and energizing track perfect intro song describing the protoganist in a mildly exaggerated way though! And Ranveer should just stick to lip syncing and dancing when it comes to a song. Him rapping is just gonna bring it down by a few levels. Other wise the song is not obnoxiously fast paced pleasant and peppy! (Just skip the part where he sings Baaaenk account-you mildly otherwise perfect track by Benny) 

2. Jazba

This song mildly rides on the shadows of Tarkeebein but the chorus and execution makes it a bit outstanding! Shilpa Rao's vocals somehow makes it easy to picture Anushka in your mind when your playing this track (watch the video once if your having any trouble, I'm just saying! ) It has some really nice frolic mood packed into it. Another potential dance number, I guess! 

3. Thug Le 

Vishal Dadlani sounds so much better here than he does in Don 2 album. Salim – Sulaiman have really pulled of a consistent pace and another entertaining track. (Yeah its the track they show on t.v where the duo keep shaking their hands in the air like crazy). This one song may go on your playlist and even on loop! Shweta compliments this song without a doubt with her flawless vocals, even the techno version of her voice sounds amazing! 

4. Jigar Da Tukda

Listening to Benny Dayal and Vishal Dadlani you might be easily impressed with Salim trying to lend his vocals for this track . The hindi- english mix of lyrics just adds to negatives. But yet again Salim – Sulaiman have done a perfect dance score with spirited vibe. There is a noticable influence of Bhangra felt in this song.    

5. Fatal Attraction

Full flaunting done here by the duo of their musical deftness. The track's got a good tune and rhythm to it. Go ahead start dancing every one will join you if you are playing it loud. Also the chorus is impressive.

6. Aadat Se Majboor (Remix) 

Somehow the bollywoodis sticking with the notion that all remixes should start with the title of the song sung and mixed with some weird and crazy electronic sounds! Its drives you to just listen to the original track.

7. Jazba (Remix)

Better than the previous remix track but seriously what happened to the good old days where remixes were done by DJs and launched separately and sensible people chose to avoid it! 

Verdict : But it off! Excellent music although again if one compares to Band Baaja Baaraat then it falls short!