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Rhythm & Romance

Artist : Kenny G

Label : Concord Records

Genre : Jazz


 ‘Rhythm & Romance’ is the ninth studio album by saxophone maestro Kenny G who has presented us with mesmerizing Sax tracks like the Titanic Sax Instrumental, Dying Young theme, Silhouette, Songbird etc. He has literally owned the Saxophone segment of music for such a long time now and any track coming out of his expertise has a guaranteed class. Is the guarantee broken in this particular one? Let us find out.


                               Track                                      Rating
Sax-O-Loco                         ★★★☆☆
Ritmo y Romance(Rhythm & Romance)                         ★★★★☆
Sabor A Mi                         ★★★½☆
Tango                         ★★★★½
MirameBailar                         ★★★★½
Peruvian Nights                         ★★★★☆
Brasilia                         ★★★½☆
Besame Mucho                         ★★★★☆
Fiesta Loca                         ★★★★½
EsHora de Decir                         ★★★★½
Copa De Amor                         ★★★☆☆
Salsa Kenny                         ★★★★☆


Album Analysis


It starts off with a medium and pleasant groove. Kenny G’s saxophone as usual works magic along with the beat and groove. Certain spots where the sax pitch changes are very good to listen to, but overall, it is just a normal track, much like any other. But, it would be great, as a restaurant song.

Ritmo y Romance(Rhythm & Romance)

The way the guitar starts it off is great, inviting all the attention flying around, right into the track. Then comes the saxophone which moves smoothly through this title track. The way it glides through every bit of music is highly impressive. Although it may seem a bit monotonous a little into the track, it is every bit enjoyable to take you into tranquility.


Sabor A Mi

This is more of a slower track than the previous ones, although not much difference is noticeable at first listen. It is a pleasant track, with good Sax variations throughout, but you need to focus hard and listen multiple times to get the actual beauty of the song.



The initial piano does set the mood for the entire track. Later when the beat starts a second after the Saxophone starts, the feel is very delightful. You will automatically move with the way the song proceeds with its somewhat enthusiastic highs , while maintaining the freshness of the saxophone. Just like the title suggests, Tango!



Vocals : Barbara Munoz

This is the first song of the album with vocals. Although the vocals are not in English, it gives you the feeling of dancing around at a wedding party in grandeour. The saxophone backs the vocals up very blissfully, keeping the zealous mood as it is, if not better. Overall, a great track to  move to.

Peruvian Nights

The beat is kind of very different here. It is a bit faster than the previous ones, but it feels like it is a bit slower. It is a very happening song, with something or the other clasping every segment of the song. With the name resembling the eventful ‘Arabian Nights’, I guess the title is pretty justified as well.



It starts with a beat buildup and then suddenly onto the sax. It will be a great track for couple dance, but other than that, there is nothing much to be hyped about in this. But, the sax variations are blissful in its own way, though.


Besame Mucho

This might be the most famous track of the album. It is slow, both in beat and in sax. Although there is no ‘high’ as such in the track, it does have its own alluring charm which will make you close your eyes, lie down and listen to this one in serenity. It is a pretty good track altogether.


Fiesta Loca

It starts off really blissfully with the guitar work which continues on throughout. The guitar mixed with the saxophone, gives the feel of a long countryside journey in your pickup, with your buddies and dropping down to a village carnival. The feel is great and enjoyable to all ages. Perhaps, the best of the set.


EsHora de Decir

Vocals :Camila

It is a song enclosed in apparent sadness or emotion. The second track in the album with vocals, this one does engulf you in an atmosphere of emotion successfully. Fantastic singing with great backup by the saxophone is what makes this stands out as a truly touching experience.


Copa De Amor

It is very slow but at the same time, very charming as well. A bit monotonous into the track, this one does not seem to bore you, while not giving you much of a variety or something to look forward to. Overall, decent is what this is.


Salsa Kenny

Kenny G looks to end it powerfully, and as the name suggests, in Salsa style! It may not be the best salsa song till date, but it does have good beats and nice variations meant for a great salsa duel between two great dancers. If this is played on stage, you are sure to have one great treat tonight.


Overall, the album seems like it is made for restaurants and parties. The saxophone and the jazz genre is to be attributed for that, but at the end of the day, it does not give you much diversity as such. Keeping that aside, the album is great to listen to and has lived up to Kenny G’s standards quite much. The limited vocals, although not in English, have helped allure the listener more towards the track and extend the feel to the other tracks as well.

Picks from the album : Tango, MirameBailar, Fiesta Loca, EsHora de Decir

Verdict : Pretty good with a particular class.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆