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Music Artist : Prima Donna

Album: Restored

Production: Mixed and mastered by Phil Nicolo at Sudio 4


Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Get The Message Prima Donna ★★★☆☆
In The Middle Prima Donna ★★★☆☆
Beautiful Song Prima Donna ★★★☆☆
Fire Me Up Prima Donna ★★★½☆
Mission Prima Donna ★★★☆☆
Change It Up Prima Donna ★★★☆☆
Madness Prima Donna ★★★½☆
Lifeblood Prima Donna ★★★½☆
Fallen Angel Prima Donna ★★★½☆
Restoration Prima Donna ★★★☆☆

 A perfect intro song. A rich blend of harmonies with strong guitar sounds and sassy-rock vocals.  1.         Get The Message         

2.         In The Middle  

            This song has quite a hypnotic feel with the mixture of instruments, especially the use of the guitar, combined with bold vocals. I really liked the quirkiness of the lyric “how did you get to be in the middle of my dreams”.

3.         Beautiful Song

            The drums really make this song work along with the simplicity of the lyrics and complimentary guitar strumming

4.         Fire Me Up

            This is a track full of empowerment. An upbeat track with great energy and strong vocals

 5.         Mission

            More of a melancholy track but still with a glimmer of hope that is felt through the vocals, lyrics and music.

6.         Change It Up   

            Great combination of heavy drums and guitars really make this song a powerful track with a punk-rock feel.

7.         Madness         

            A perfect song that both has elements of bravery and fragility. The vocals really tell a beautiful story.                       

8.         Lifeblood

            A great dynamic is really felt throughout this song, with a unique ensemble of voices from the band on the track.

9.         Fallen Angel

        Probably the most lively track on this album. It’s a sped up epic pleasure for the ears.

10.        Restoration

            A soft-tempo track that carries echoes of classic Pink Floyd, mixed with Tori Amos.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Reminiscent of some of the greatest rocker chicks out there, Prima Donna stands strong on their own with sensational sound,

and a genuine mix of playful/heartfelt lyrics. Their energy as a band is felt throughout each and every track.

The album “Restored,” has a great consistency in style, yet still holds the excitement to push the boundaries further

with intense vocals and instruments.

Check out the Prima Donna’s website at:  http://www.primadonnamusic.com/news/ and for media inquiries: www.gritpr.com