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Music Artist: Chords of Truth

Music Album: Reflections of Reality (Oopoe Electrofolk Remix)

Record Label: Self-released


Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Tune Your Mind Chords of Truth ★★★★☆
Listen Chords of Truth ★★★★☆
Moments Chords of Truth ★★★½☆
When I Was Wasted Chords of Truth ★★★½☆
The Power To Be Alive Chords of Truth ★★★★☆
Pop Or Soda Chords of Truth ★★★★☆
What Life Is About Chords of Truth ★★★★☆

 1. Tune Your Mind

 “Tune Your Mind” gets to the point straight away without hesitation. The lyrics are top notch and it seems Oopoe is really in tune with the atmospheres that need to be presented here. The “tune your mind with reflection” chorus really gets through here.

 2. Listen

 More of Oopoe’s warped, subtle grooves serve as a solid backdrop for Jason Garriotte’s philosophical lyrics. The minimalism takes discipline.

 3. Moments

 Very warm keys/chords make for an inspired listen. “Moments” asks some penetrating questions, some funny, and some saddening, looking at the human experience as a whole.

 4. When I Was Wasted

 In some ways a filler track, but the treatment is just right here, making it perfect road trip music.

 5. The Power to be Alive

 Definitely heavy on the philosophy, and a truly inspiring track. Oopoe does a wonderful job creating a thick atmosphere.

 6. Pop or Soda

 This is probably the only partial miss on the album. The message is solid, but it doesn’t quite cut through as a song.

 7. What Life Is About

 A great closer and slow burner. 

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Chords of Truth has a plethora of albums and EP’s coming out in March as part of his “Reflections of Reality Remixed” project, and this EP with Oopoe is only one of them. Oopoe is an electro producer who seems like the ideal companion for Chords of Truth/Jason Garriotte’s intensely serious music and lyrics. Oopoe adds a warmth and spaciousness to the proceedings, making the message easy to receive in the electronic music format, while still paying respect to the folk roots of the songs (these songs were all originally on Chords of Truth’s debut “Reflections of Reality”). This is a solid release and a bold move artistically for Chords of Truth, which you don’t see too often these days.

Check out Chords of Truth at www.chordsoftruth.com and http://www.facebook.com/ChordsofTruthRemixed.