Artist – Eminem

Album – Recovery

“Recovery” is the 7th major studio album following the 2009’s release of “Relapse” . Through this review i just want to let you know why this album is his best by far! He even apologizes for his last two mistakes for albums “Encore” and “Relapse” saying he was on drugs while writing the former and flushed them out in the latter! The album was initially schemed out under the name “relapse 2” but upon completion he felt the album deserved a name for itself and thus named it aptly as “Recovery” to his career!

Album ★★★★☆

Song Name


Cold Wind Blows


Talkin’ 2 Myself (featuring Kobe)


On Fire


Won’t Back Down (featuring Pink)




Going Through Changes


Not Afraid




No Love (featuring Lil Wayne)


Space Bound


Cinderella Man


25 To Life


So Bad


Almost Famous


Love the Way You Lie” (featuring Rihanna)


You’re Never Over


We all know that Eminen attempted to come back in the picture of pop music with the release of Encore and Relapse which showed his desperation to rap again singing verses for anyone who made him stand in front of the mike suggesting that he was making up for the lost time! The retaliation through these albums show that he wanted to claw his way back but the effect was gone!

So now he has made it back with the release of his latest album Relapse! The album speaks of Eminem’s journey outta depression and his drug addiction. But not to go too far just as he sings about his reclaimed passion for hip-hop the album gets sloppy and draining.

The only winning moment on the record comes early, with “Talkin’ 2 Myself”, where he accords he contemplated dissing Kanye and Lil Wayne out of jealousy. “Thank god that I didn’t do it– I’d have had my ass handed to me,” he raps, in a rare moment of wry honesty. The climax of the song sees him shouting out Wayne, Kanye, and T.I. in a show of solidarity, but the truth is Em doesn’t even inhabit the same universe as these guys. He lives in a world all his own, and for the most part, that world doesn’t allow for visitors.

1. Cold Wind Blows

The song is about Eminem subliminally dissing Mariah Carey and his cold feud with her. The song also has the slim shady spitting out his stuff and telling that he is back again!

2. Talking To Myself

This song conveys the struggles the singer had while he fell out of the game to other leading rappers in the industry, how he couldn’t take the shame and how he started dissing on them! Finally he comes to know the only way to comeback is to make a good album such as this one and shut them up for good! The song has good verses and hook!

3. On Fire

The track just screams pure shady, spitting long ass verses with a bullshit hook, wordplay is good chorus is bad. Overall its an average track only worthy to listen to due to solid verses.

4. Won’t Back Down

The wordplay is quite crazy in this track, reminds us of the song underground from Relapse! The beat is a little loud with heavy thud of the drums and sound from the guitars, chorus is a little plain but pink does her thing. This song also contains some inadvertent disparaging towards Mariah and her husband “Bitch am I the reason that your boyfriend stopped rapping?”

5. W.T.P

The song sounds more like its suited for a party! least memorable songs from the album but fun to listen to. The hook is catchy but the lyrics aren’t strong enough! but a overall a decent song!

6. Going Through Changes

One of The best tracks from the album! He sings about the whole drug addiction episode in his life and the strains it had on his career and also his near death experience because of the addiction! This track tells about his depressing suicidal ideas after his companion Proof died but he knows that he can’t go through with it because of his love for Hailie is too strong. So he needs to get his act together and be a man. And get his life to normal again for his sake and his daughter.

7. Not Afraid

The leading single from the album, stayed in the #1 spot in several countries track listing for the top hits! It was also the anthem for many during the NBA series. This song was the first song that Eminem did not have a celebrity bashing. It shows a sense of change in him and maturity as a person and as an artist. The song was almost like a letter to all his fans telling them that he will not let them down again.

8. Seduction

A song of how Eminem can seduce and chick right? Nope, its how Eminem can seduce the game which he personifies into a women and how his songs are all better than anyone else’s in the game right now, chorus is average but his flow and verses are witty and strong making this song a great listen.

9. No Love (Feat. Lil Wayne)

One of the few songs from the album that made it to the top on the billboard! This song features the very same man Eminem envied for taking his spot when his career suffered a setback! .Lil’ wayne’s verse starts of the same as “Drop the world” with a slow start which latter see’s him spitting out over the mic. Eminem’s verse is equally as poignant as Lil Wayne’s! Through the song they try to tell us that “screw the haters cos when your back you will be bigger and better” !

10. Space Bound

By far the best song in the album! This song is about his story of love with his former wife Kim which is obliquely hinted! We comr to know that Eminem is at his best whenever he has some kind of emotion in a song and although the emotion itself does not make this the best song.

11. Cinderella Man

This song pumps you up in a way like ‘Til I Collapse but its a much stronger one! Once again he shows us he s always the best at what he does!

12. 25 To Life

The song is about Eminem’s relationship with his game which he again personifies! The high pitched chorus is a setback as it gets annoying at times.But overall a great track.

13. So Bad

The song seems quite outta place in the album, it is about sex and how so bad it is that its so good to do! catchy 😉

14. Almost Famous

The song tells story of how Eminem became famous.The multi-syllable ryhme schemes and metaphors in this song is jaw dropping to say the least, only reason why it isn’t a hit song is due to the chorus lacking charisma.

15. Love The Way You Lie(Feat. Rihanna)

Number 1 hit song on the billboard in most of the countries, this song will be forever commemorated!Another story telling song from Eminem which gives light to the issues surrounding domestic violence and immature relationships. Eminem sings from the point of view of a male who has an abusive relationship with his lover and the burning love he has for her as well. He teams up with poop icon Rihanna for this song and her lyrics just fit in perfectly in this ballad!

16. You’re Never Over

Eminem sung this one as a tributr to Proof, his best friend who was shot in a club during a heated argument. Eminem, said he made many songs as a tribute to proof but none were good enough well this to be honest should have been one of them.

Album reviewed by Dinesh Chowdhary  , Musicperk Team