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Director: Raghava Lawrence

Producer: Pulla Rao, Bhagawan

Cast: Prabhas, Tamanna and Deeksha Seth.

Music Director: Raghava Lawrence




Keka Lloyd Paul, Satyan


Deepali Karthi, Priya Hemesh, Divya


Google Andrea, Shravana Bhargavi


Orinayano Malathi, Vijay Prakash


Keka Keka(Remix) N Akash


1.       Keka Keka

Artists[s]:            Lloyd Paul, Satyan

Lyricist:                Ramajogayya Sastry

This is the first song on the album and frankly it doesn’t make a compelling case for the rest of the album. The music is just sound loops played back to back. Lawrence has tried to do a Thaman but has fallen flat on his face in the process. The lyrics are also nonsensical. Overall, it is not worth a listen.

2.       Deepali

Artists[s]:            Karthik, Priya Hemesh, Divya

Lyricist:                Ramajogayya Sastry

 The second song is by far one of the more bearable ones in this album. The song is soft and melodious and Karthik’s voice is great. Lyrics are also pretty decent. However, the song feels almost eerily familiar and therefore doesn’t score many brownie points for originality.

 3.       Google

Artists[s]:            Shravana Bhargavi, Andrea

Lyricist:                Bhaskarbhatla 

Andrea and Shravana Bhargavi are very good singers but aren’t exploited properly by Lawrence in this song. Their voices are overshadowed by the rather irritating music and even when the voices come through, the nonsensical lyrics makes you wish you never heard them.  There seems to be some pitch modification also at play which only makes matters worse.

 4.       Orinayanoo

Artists[s]:            Malathi, Vijay Prakash

Lyricist:                Ramajogayya Sastry 

I thoroughly enjoyed this song only due to the extreme stupidity of the lyrics. Half the song is a rehashed version of the music played in front of temples during festivals and the rest is even worse. The music is bad, lyrics are even worse and that makes this the worst of all the songs on this album.

 5.       Keka Keka (Remix)

Artists[s]:            Lloyd Paul, Satyan

Lyricist:                Ramajogayya Sastry 

The last song of this album (thank god there aren’t more), this is a remix of the original song and frankly it is plain bad. It is almost as if this was done with an “I can do it too” attitude and it fails miserably due to the bad lyrics and even worse music than the original.

Album ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

This album clearly proves that Lawrence should never try to score music. Not even worth a look. You’re better off without listening to it.