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Artist :Bridgit Mendler

Genre : Pop,Reggae fusion, Soul

Label : Hollywood

Writer(s) :BridgitMendler, Emanuel “Emen” Kiriakou, Evan “Kidd”  Bogart

Producer(s) : Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou, Andrew “Goldstein” Goldstein


For a debut solo single, ‘Ready Or Not’ is clearly on the uphill of attraction. The path in which the track proceeds is groovy throughout. The pace is almost completely fixed on medium, much like an apt fit for pop, but that particular pace has been made maximum use of, in that, right when you feel the mood is lost, it is brought back in. Although you know very well when it is coming back, it somehow surprises you every time. Bridgit’s rendition of the song is highly commendable. The voice has a tinge of uniqueness attached to it. She does use her version of accents for certain words – intentionally or not, that has a certain aspect of appeal to it.

The way the beats make an entrance, is another factor which is worth mentioning. The precursor to the beat is the vocals, effectively preceded by an introduction piece of music. Everything seems to go in the flow. The beat starts off with 4 minor warm ups with instantly and successfully set the mood which is followed throughout. It is more like ‘the stage is set and here is your limelight’. When you reminisce after listening to the song completely, you will feel that it was a bit monotonous. But, even then you cannot figure out clearly why you did not hate it and thinking that way, you start to think maybe it was not monotonous after all. This strange alluring fragrance right out of the song’s flower is its biggest advantage and it helps fix its foundations strong, as on further thought, you start liking the song more.

Overall, the song is pretty likeable and tough to take off the mind.

Verdict : Likeable and considerably addictive.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆