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Week #5

The “songperk” for this week is  Rasiya Medley  by Vandana Srinivasan .

Mixed and mastered by Navneeth Balachanderan & Prashanth Techno

Rasiya Medley – Vandana Srinivasan; Mixed and mastered by Navneeth Balachanderan & Prashanth Techno by Vandana Srinivasan

Biography :-

Vandana Srinivasan is  a musician based in Chennai and currently working as a Management Consultant for a young organization. She has undergone training in Carnatic and Hindustani styles of Indian Classical music. She is the female vocalist for Staccato, a band based in Chennai. She has made her debut as a playback singer in Malayalam and she is currently looking to enter the Tamil music scene. She has been experimenting with lounge music and has enjoyed working with interesting people who share the same wavelength. She is looking forward to making some good music.

Musicperk Team managed to catch up with Vandana Srinivasan.

Vandana, Tell us about Rasiya Medley.

I am a big fan of the composer duo, Salim-Sulaiman and this one of their most amazing compositions from the film Kurbaan. I wanted to use their song Rasiya as the base and fuse it with two other songs rendered originally by Pt. Ajay Pohankar and Pt. Birju Maharaj. I figured I would go ahead and record it to see what it sounds like and I got some lovely feedback from people. I love the idea of a medley since it gives you more creative freedom. I loved working on this and I am looking to record more songs of this type.

How did your journey with music begin?

My parents come from families where music has always played an integral part . So, I was introduced to music at a very early age. My parents sing and my brother plays the piano and therefore my musical journey began while growing up. I began to learn Carnatic music when I was 4 from my guru Mrs. Seetha Krishnan. I moved to Hindustani music and trained under Mrs. Tanushree Saha for a couple of years during my undergraduate studies since I was always fascinated by this style. I continue to practice both although I want to eventually focus on playback singing in the Indian music industry.

Tell us about your band, Staccato.

At Staccato, we like experimenting with different styles. We do a lot of covers of songs by A.R. Rahman and Ilayaraja. We are also working on some original compositions at the moment. I am also meeting independent musicians at this point to work on some interesting collaborations.

How is it moving from performing in bands to playback singing?

Well, though they are two different things altogether, the adrenaline rush remains the same. I enjoy singing live because of the way one can connect with the audience. In a studio, I enjoy the idea that my voice being used to convey an emotion.

What are your future projects?

I am working on some original compositions with other musicians and I hope to be able to go public with them soon.

Any message for emerging musicians out there?

Stay confident 🙂 . There are so many things that can bring you down and it's tough to stay focused at times. It's a good idea to build a strong support system that you can lean on. Keep your faith and believe in yourself. Continue to do what you love and success is only a matter of time.


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