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Starring : Lagubaran, Swathi

Music : Manu Rameshan

Direction: Thangasamy

Raattinam movie narattes love story in an untold manner. The film has set in the backdrop of the Tuticorin Port Trust where the hero works as a supplier and heroine is the daughter of a top ranking port official. The movie is all about how the couple gets together and win their love. Manu Rameshan is the music director and now it’s time to check out his musical compositions….

Songs Singers Rating
Asathum Azhagu Ajay Sathyan , Naveen Madhav , Srilekha Parthasarathy ★★★½☆
Yakkai Suttrum Anoop Shankar , Bhavyalakshmi ★★★☆☆
Yele Yepulla Karthik , Chinmayi ★★★☆☆
Yenakkulla Vidhu Prathap ★★★★☆
Yeno En Idhayam Haricharan , Navin Iyer ★★★☆☆
Yethu Yethu Jazzie Gift , Anoop Shankar ★★★☆☆

Asathum Azhagu:

This is a good song to begin an album. The beat is slow and pleasant. Srilekha voice is simply superb. The tempo in the song stays till the end and it goes on the same plane where it justifies the beats and the lyrics which inturn make the song a good hummable one. Good visuals can take this song to the peaks and one can expect a village backdrop because of the folk style music it consists of. The flute and violin music is also so sweet to hear! The song is good and all the music lovers go for it!!!

Yakkai Suttrum:

Here comes a scary song. The song sounds very different and one can expect a fearful visuals. The song is most probably situation based, yet it’s a good song where one can expect some spine chilling visuals. There is a good variation shown in the song which is notable. Overall a good song and rest is dependent on the visuals to take it to the next level.

Yele yepulla:

This is a peppy song. The two best singers have rendered their voice to the song. Song sounds very peppy. Though there is some sort of punch missing in it. But still the song is good as it is composed interestingly. One can expect a good duet between the lead pair and visuals can make the song more catchy and attractive. Finally no negative remark to this song and it’s an interesting song but not the unique one though. A peppy one time listener


This is a beautiful song which is very trendy and with different variations in instrumentations. Vidhu Pratap voice is apt and sounds so cool. The rock beats are worth mentioning. A good slow song with rock mixed beats. It is also a bit song which has a short duration of time, yet once again the situation in the movie is what plays a major role in elevating the song. This is a good song which does not disappoint any music lovers. The best song of the album too…

Yeno En Idayam:

Yet another slow beat song which is very pleasant to hear. The music has a soft flow with good beat and suitable tone. This song also sounds like a situational song. So once again visuals can make it more hummable. Nothing special to mention as it is a nice breezy song.

Yethu Yethu:

Finally!!! comes a mass song. Typical folk beat mixed song with nice vocalists. This is a tailor made song for a singer like Jessie gift. The song is not noisy yet massy. This is not a routine mass masala song. The content is same but the output of song is a good proportionate of mass and folk genre. This is a song of celebration and the song that ends the album. In tail piece a song which is typically made for mass music lovers

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

To sum of the things Raatinum is a vivaciously tuneful musical album and brings  a lot of emotional musical shades. Manu Rameshan, justifies his mettle a and lives up to the expectations. The USP of the album is that it has no loose ends or traces of mediocrity in it. Overall the album delivers a satisfying listening experience. The success of the album is guaranteed. This album is a nice combination of various tune and versatile vocalists. None of the song is formula based. Each song has its essence and a kind of feel in it. Overall a nice album, as the songs will click the max number of people. Thumbs up to Manu and All the best to the team and the movie!

Pics of the album: Yenakulla , Asatham and  Yella

Final verdict: A complete neat and sweet albumJ!

This review is a post by Sirisha Akshintala